The Ashes (Eden Prequel) by Keary Taylor



We start the story off with an unnamed inmate at a prison. We learn that it’s been days since any guards have been seen. Slowly, each of the inmates are weakening and dying. But our inmate, though he may be weak, refuses to die. Someone or someones are still alive in the prison. One of them unlocks his cell door and warns him about touching anyone.

Our inmate, who we later learned is named Bill, leaves his cell with another person. Everyone else in the prison is dead, or deadish. There is a plague going around. They duck into the wardens office and Bill sees a letter on the desk with his name on it so he takes it. Inside is a letter informing him of the dead of his aunt due to complications of “upgrading” her heart.

The two of them leave the prison, after killing one of the zombiebots as they are being called. Once they reach the highway, Bill leaves the other man behind, after killing him after he turned. So Bill is on his own.

He runs into many sticky situations and barely lives. So what happens in between everything? You’ll have to get the book to find out.


This is a short book, which is expected for prequels.  I just wish we had known the identity of the main person featured in this book BEFORE the last part. It makes you wonder though. A nice short prequel.


40 pages

99 cents on Kindle


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