The Bane (The Eden Trilogy #1) by Keary Taylor


Bane – noun

1. A person or thing that ruins or spoils

2. A deadly poison

3. Death; destruction; ruin

4. Obsolete: that which causes death or destroys life

This is the definition that precedes the first chapter. I think it is important to understand the bane in this book.

The first chapter opens with a sad note. Tye, one of the elite raiders, was infected. Avian, his cousin and doctor, had to kill him in order to keep him from turning fully into a bane and trying to kill everyone else in Eden.

Eve, Graye, Bill and Tye made up the elite raiding team. Eden, their home, is in the country in a wooded area. The “city” is always moving but they stay close to one central location: the Garden. The Garden is where they grow all their vegetables and have fruit trees.

The bane are becoming more aggressive. While Eve is out hunting one day, she comes across a buck. Before she can shoot it, a figure jumps out of the bushes and kills it. She gives chase to the individual but he eludes her. She hurries back to Eden and tells Gabriel, their appointed leader about the wanderer. Then she takes a couple men and drags the buck back to camp. That night, the wanderer and two others break into the food stores. Eve hears them and stops them from leaving Eden.

West, Victoria and her son Brady are invited by Gabriel to join Eden. They accept the invite and are new members. Eve doesn’t trust West. He knows things and is keeping them secret.

Sarah, Avian’s sister and Eve’s best friend, turns ill. Avian uses all the adrenaline he had on hand to keep her alive. Seeing how dire the situation was, Eve decides to go to the nearest city and raid the pharmacies on her own. West sees her leave and goes with her to help.

They arrive at the first pharmacy and load up on meds without incident. The second pharmacy brings problems though. Eve notices a funny smell but West doesn’t. As they are finishing up with their haul, a bane appears. It sets the store on fire. They make it out with West unharmed. Eve was severely burned on her shoulder.

A bane lunges for West but Eve intercepts it. She fights with it before West kills it. She doesn’t want to return to Eden because a single touch from a bane kills and turns you. Little does she know, she can’t be turned. They make it back to camp and she learns she can’t be infected. Her world turns upside down when she happens across West’s notebook.

Things happen and Eden needs to move. They split into two even groups to find a new home. West, Avian and Eve are among the first group to leave. They make it to Los Angeles….some 800 miles away from Eden.

A hundred people were still living in the city full of bane and were using a hospital that had been converted into living spaces. Eden is asked to join the colony and the first group accepts. The colony has a device that can kill the bane. Only problem? They need a direct line to the power plant. Only problem? It is swarming with bane.

Eve accepts the mission and goes to the power plant with heavy backup. She is severely injured during this job. She makes it back to the hospital with others and she starts to heal. A problem arises with the line to the power plant and a team goes out to fix it; Avian and West among them. 

The bane had set a trap. They were ambushed. Eve hears the SOS coming in and leaves the hospital to go help. West was already being dragged back to the hospital. She finds Avian and drags him back. Avian is stitched up and given a blood transfusion and will be fine. West on the other hand is a different story.

Does West become a bane? Does he survive? What happens to all the bane in Los Angeles? Does the second half of Eden make it to the new home? If they do, do they join the new colony? What all did I leave out? (Trust me, there is PLENTY to fill in all the blanks that I missed. 🙂 )

All these questions and more can be answered by reading this great action/adventure/sci fi book!

Free on Kindle right now

Normally 99 cents

352 pages


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