The Eve (The Eden Trilogy #3) by Keary Taylor


The Eve is the third and final book in the Eden Trilogy.

Eve knows that something isn’t right. Things are going too good to be going the right way. The Bane are all banding together and are making sweeps from coast to coast, destroying EVERYTHING in their paths.

Eve learns more of her past in this book. And we learn more of others from her past as well. She goes into overload once. Eve learns that she has the chance to save the entire human race. She will do whatever it takes to keep everyone she loves safe and to preserve the human race

What trials and errors will the people of New Eden go through in order to get everything they need for Eve to save them? How many of them will be lost and how many will be saved?


I really don’t want to give too much of this book away. It was the BEST book of the series, by far. Even though it made me cry towards the end. This book shows more about each of the main characters in the book. Eve learns that she really wasn’t alone in the world when it comes to family, blood family. It’s what happens after that, that made me cry.


$3.99 on Kindle

384 pages


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