The Human (Eden Trilogy #2) by Keary Taylor


We know from the first book that the Eden survivors have to leave their home because of the Bane and they are able to make it to Los Angeles, where they are safe. We know West was injured in the first book and was becoming a Bane but we hadn’t learned of the outcome of his predictament. In this book, we learn that West IS alive and that he has to go in the extractor every 2 weeks in order to pull all the TorBane bits out of him to keep him human.

Eve had picked Avian as the one she wanted instead of West BEFORE she learned that West was the one injured. But that doesn’t change her mind on who she wants. Avian is increasingly becoming more violent towards West. West has a device that is implanted partly in his heart. This device hurts Eve when he is close to her because she IS a bane but not the normal bane we’ve learned of before.

Things happen and another band of survivors is introduced to us. We also learn that the Bane are becoming stronger and smarter. More and more are waking up and becoming hunters instead of sleepers.


Overall, I thought this book was good. It could have been longer without all the parts of Eve, West and Avian fighting but I guess it’s an integral part of the story to a certain point (you’ll understand if you read the book). I would recommend this to others who have read the first book of the series and liked it. The story only gets better as it goes. We learn more about Eve and Wests’ past.


$2.99 on Kindle

270 pages



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