Breeders (The Breeders Trilogy #1) by Ashley Quigley


Ariet is a twenty-one year old female who grew up in Sector 4. Mason is a twenty-one year old male who has grown up in Centre Town. These are parts of the new world.

A couple hundred years ago, there was a great illness that wiped out much of the population. A new world was created. Anyone not genetically wanted, was not let into the new world. Programs were started and a breeding program was among them.

All residents of the new world are scanned daily via urine analysis to determine genetic markers and to let the Creators know if they are sick or there is anything to worry about.

Ariet goes to the medical building for her weekly examination. She undergoes a new procedure. She is knocked out and wakes up on a train with a Creator who had been watching her intently at the medical building. Mason, the Creator, explains to her what is going on.

Together, Mason and Ariet try and do their best in the new environment they are both thrown into. Ariet has a harder time than Mason does of this. But, when realization hits her, she is able to step up to the plate. Mason and Ariet are able to conceive a child. Genetic testing is done on the child and they learn the child and Ariet are scheduled for termination.

Mason decides he wants to get Ariet and their unborn child out of the new world and somewhere safe. So he tries to enlist the help of his friend Thor.

Do they make it to safety? Do healers and Guardians make it to Ariet first? What happens besides all of this mentioned?


This was a good book. It keeps you glued to the pages from beginning to end. I recommend this book.


$2.99 on Kindle

218 pages


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