Illegal Goodbye by Angela Chapman


Kelli and Kari Raker are twins. They are 16 years old. Jill Johnson is Kari’s best friend and is a couple months younger. Kelli drops the two off at the shopping center on her way to work and tells them to be back at that entrance at 5. She gets off work early and gets there a few minutes before 5. They never show up.

She goes inside the mall and looks for them but doesn’t find them. She calls her parents who call the police and meet her there. The shopping center closes at 9 but it’s after 11 before they leave.

Kari and Jill had met Doug, a handsome college guy. He pretended to need help for an assignment and they agreed to help him and left with him. Little did they know he was actually kidnapping them and selling them! Kari and Jill and smuggled from the US to Turkey where they attempt to make a run for it. 

What happens between all these parts? What happens when they try and escape? Are they ever heard from again? Check out this story.

The only complaint I have is the white pages between the chapters. It almost makes you think the book is over when it’s not! Other than that, no complaints!

$4.99 on Kindle

232 pages


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