The Captured Scientist #1 by Ashley Thompson


Joanna is a scientist in her forties. She is working to make a computer brained bacteria. She loves her work so much that she only gets a couple hours of sleep a night, provided she doesn’t stay up for days on end.

James, the third shift security guard, convinces her to go home and get some good rest. She leaves the lab and as soon as she reaches her car, she is kidnapped. Her captor blindfolds her, undressed her and bathes her. For a long time the blindfold stays on. He removes it when she correctly guesses who he is.

She also doesn’t have the use of her hands. Lance frees her eventually and she starts learning the rules of being a submissive. He is her master and she is his slave. He decides it is finally time for her to leave that room. Her co-workers, who think she’s been on a year long vacation and is retiring, throw her a retirement party. It seems that while she was locked up she invented something and the whole team got credit for it. Credit in the amount of ten million dollars each!

Joanna thinks Lance is letting her go permanently and she doesn’t think she can bare that idea. What is the outcome? Does Lance let her go or does he keep her as his slave?

$2.99 on Kindle

69 pages

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