The Other Bride (Sold to the Alpha #2) by Cara Wylde

cara wylde

Avelyn and Max join us again in the second part of the Sold to the Alpha series by Cara Wylde.

Avelyn has been at Schloss Blackmane for a week now. It’s getting harder and harder to hold Max off on sex. But she is starting to fall for him more and more. She confides in Christine, the one that keeps her company while Max is gone. Christine understands her worries of not wanting to end up pregnant so she whips up an herbal concoction for Avelyn to add into her daily tea that will act as a contraceptive.

Max trusts Avelyn and allows her out of the room she had been locked in. But he doesn’t trust her to be completely free. She has two people that take turns watching her. They are always close to where she is. But one day she sneaks out past them and goes exploring in the castle and ends up in the dungeons. She finds something that startles her one night and she runs back to the room.

Realizing she’s lost a bracelet that Max gave her, she retraces her steps. She finds it in the dungeons but also talks to the person that was down there. She realizes that this other person was to be a bride of Max’s several years before! Avelyn makes a plan but then isn’t sure she wants to go through with it in the end.


Definitely a good read. I wasn’t expecting the aspect of the bride to figure in the way it did! That part shocked me when I got to it.

99 cents

93 pages


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