Bad Doctor (Gideon Box #1) by John Locke


Dr Gideon Box. Best cardio surgeon for kids in the world. Level A asshole. Predator. Criminal.

Dr Gideon Box doesn’t get along with people. He is a rude, chauvinistic jerk. He is the best cardio surgeon to children. The hospital her works for overlooks his ways in the OR. He tends to be verbally abusive to the nurses and even the kids on the tables (even though the kids never know it). He also sexually harasses the nurses in the OR. He often uses profanity and threatens anyone in his path.

He goes to a night club. Enter Willow and Cameron, two strippers. They take turns having him lap dances. He gets them competitive against each other and invites them back to what they think is his house. He ends up sleeping with both women and then holding them at gunpoint! 

Enter all heck breaking loose. This action snowballs the rest of the book. Gideon Box goes back to his penthouse in Manhattan and doesn’t think about the girls again. Until Willow shows up on his doorstep a few days later. This makes matters worse but he gets things under control. He calls a private investigator to check into Willow’s background.

He receives the call back from the private investigator and confronts Willow. They come to an agreement. Willow leaves with a substantial amount of money and Gideon goes back to his life.

This is a well-written thriller. A good read over all.

Free at the moment

272 pages


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