Hot Pursuit by Paul Bishop


Walker, who goes by his nickname of Calico, is an LAPD veteran. He has almost 30 years on the force and is retiring soon. Before he was an officer, he was a bull rider. His wife didn’t like that too much and divorced him. To tick him off, she’s been sleeping with his boss. But this doesn’t phase him at all. His boss used to be his patrol partner but things went wrong with Sal’s wife left after saying that she was screwing Calico. She lied but Sal doesn’t want to believe it.

Calico is part of a bull riding competition among cops. He ends up winning after being bludgeoned by the bull he rode. His ex-wife makes it into the back where he’s being taken care of. She tells him that she’s going after his pension because half of it should be hers even though he bought her out years before. Sal was at the event and goes into one of the portable toilets. Ren, Calico’s son with his ex-wife, and Calico rope the door shut and then tip the portable toilet over. To add insult to injury, Calico grabs the bag that collects everything underneath and empties it into the toilet.

There is a lot more action and adventure that happens in this book including a race to Las Vegas and back from Los Angeles all in a working shift. I would highly recommend it for anyone to read.


259 pages


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