My Devouring Love: The First Weeks by Donna Neville-Theiler

my devouring love 1

Abigail is sixteen years old. Her sister is six years old. Their parents are recently divorced and her father moved four hours away. He came and go them and was keeping them a week and returning them to their mother the day before Christmas.

But things go horribly wrong the first night when they get back to his house after he picked them up. He is a doctor and was called in with an emergency. He wakes Abby up and lets her know. It is more than 24 hours before he returns to his house. He knows he is infected. He filled his car with gas and he had Abby gather her and Ava’s things while he gathered some food for them.

But while he was gathering the food, he turned. Abby is able to get her and Ava into the vehicle and to safety for a while. One thing leads to another and they meet up with another group of survivors at a gas station. They join up with them and agree to make it these people’s daughters house and then on to Pineville to check on their mother and Conner, Abby’s boyfriend.

Abby and Jeremiah, one of the boy’s from the new group, end up separated from the others on a scavenging mission. What happens to them? Do they eventually find the others? Are they overrun with zombies and become zombies themselves? To find the answer to this, grab this book while it’s free.



This was a GREAT book. I am a fan of zombie books and movies alike. This one had my attention from the front cover to the end of the story. I SERIOUSLY can’t wait to get the second one and review it as well! The only thing I noticed, was a few errors throughout the book with spelling, wording and punctuation. But it is no where near as bad as other’s I’ve read and it’s easy to overlook it in this book. 🙂


99 cents on Kindle

261 pages


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