Breathe For Me (Be For Me 1: Xander) by Natalie Anderson

breathe for me

Chelsea Greene is trying to move on with her life. She just moved to an apartment in the building and is only renting the space for a couple months.

Xander lives in the penthouse suite of the building and owns a security company. His company is the one that provides the security for the building.

Chelsea is up at the pool on the roof one night when the fire alarm goes off. She can’t move real fast because she was in a very bad car wreck a few years ago and her leg was crushed and broken in three places. The muscle refused to get stronger no matter what she did and it hurt her to walk long distances on it.

Chelsea was taking the stairs down. Xander comes down behind her and stops. Deciding he was going to help her, he picks her up and carries her down all the stairs. They are the last ones out but it doesn’t matter. Everyone was out, safe and sound. This was only a fire drill.

They end up hooking up with the realization is was only sex for the both of them. But one of them starts getting attached. Xander realizes that Chelsea has secrets she’s keeping from him so he digs into her past and learns what she’s hiding.

Does Chelsea eventually tell Xander her secrets? Which one ends up falling for the other? What happens in the end?

$3.99 on Kindle

227 pages


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