Haven (I Dream of Zombies #2) by Vickie Johnstone

i dream of zombies 2

Marla, Ellen, Tommy and the others in their group that made it to Haven are let out of quarantine. They are each assigned rooms and must see the therapist. Because Marla and Ellen have the dreams, they are sent to the sleep doctor who has “helped” others with the dreams. He is more interested in Ellen’s as hers are more vivid than Marla’s so she only attends one or two sleep studies.

Marla becomes stir crazy. She hates being inside all the time. And going out on the roof to the garden doesn’t count as going outside to her. So she signs up for the guard and Tommy signs up as well. They are paired together and always sent out on trips together with the others.

They go out on a scouting trip one day and Marla doesn’t like what she sees. But she listens to the commander of the safe community, Caballero. She trusts him and thinks he’ll do what he says. Boy, was she wrong about him in the end and she learns it the hard way.

At Haven, Marla meets Jakob. A scientist working for a cure. She starts hanging out with him. One night, the alarms go off. The first sixteen guards to reach the basement are sent in with weapons to contain a threat, loose zombies. The perpetrator of the letting loose of the zombies, Robert, refuses to talk to anyone but Marla during his questioning.

Marla goes with Caballero, who stays in the hallway. Robert starts telling Marla things but he isn’t making sense. She chalks his ramblings up to PTSD until things start looking suspicious around there. She starts checking into things and gets herself caught. She is locked up in a cell in the basement where Jakob tries to talk her into understanding what he’s doing.

His persuasions don’t work. Someone with a soft spot for her wants her taken to Amesbury, which is overloaded with zombies. She is left there with her gun and a knife. Those who dropped her off and ordered it aren’t expecting her to make it through the night.

What happens to Marla? Does she make it through the night or do zombies get her? What happens to Ellen, Tommy, Martinez, Sylvia and the others at Haven?


pricing unavailable (Not sure why this is?)

352 pages


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