I Dream of Zombies (I Dream fo Zombies #1) by Vickie Johnstone

i dream of zombies

Can you tell what kind of book it is or what it’s about? Yep, that’s right! It’s a horror/post-apocalyptic book about ZOMBIES! (I love reading book and watching movies about zombies. 🙂 )

The book starts out with Marla (our female lead) getting home from work and watching the news. Not so crazy, right? There is a segment based on a man who won a Nobel Peace Prize and how everyone thinks he is going crazy because he’s having these dreams. These dreams predict the oncoming slaughter by zombies. No one takes him seriously but there are others having the dreams as well, including Marla’s younger sister Ellen.

Marla thinks he’s a loon and dismisses the idea until her sister visits. Ellen reveals her nightmares/dreams to Marla. Ellen scares Marla out of a sound sleep by screaming during one of her dreams. Ellen explains to Marla about the dream. Guess what? Marla starts having the dreams too. It is estimated that only 5% of the population has these dreams.

Marla doesn’t feel right so she calls up her buddy Tommy and has him order her a bunch of guns, ammo and a pretty indestructible vehicle. Things are normal for a while until one day shit starts hitting the fan. London in placed on a curfew and then a lock-down to contain the virus as the government is calling it.

Things snowball from there and get really bad. There are several near misses. Both with zombies and men. 

Overall, this is a good book. One recommendation, if you read it all in one night, don’t have your phone on VIBRATE and Facebook set to forward messages to your phone. A forwarded message setting your phone off will almost give you a heart attack. Or at least it did me anyways!

99 cents on Kindle

310 pages


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