My Devouring Love: Jeremiah’s Untold Story (Short Story #2.5) by Donna Neville-Theiler

my devouring love 2.5

This is a short story that takes place at the same time as part of the second book. You would have to read it to understand how it’s played out.

Jeremiah is tired of Abby’s attitude and being ignored by her. He realizes things aren’t easy with him there and her non-dead boyfriend Conner. He and Conner can not get along at all except when it’s protecting Abby or her sister Ava.

Jeremiah finally looses it and snaps on Abby and storms off by himself for the day. Later that evening/night, Conner approaches him and he says some things to Jeremiah. Later that same night, Jeremiah’s father tells him that they have to leave the farm. Conner’s father wants them gone since they can’t get along. So they leave early the next morning. But Jeremiah refuses to go far at all from Abby. He knows she’ll change her mind and really wants him. Or at least he’s hoping anyways.

Things get bad for a while for him when depression sets in but he pulls himself out of it when his mom tells him that his dad has been gone longer than 24 hours. He knows he needs to get his crap together so he doesn’t get his mother, niece and nephew killed.

What happens in between these interesting tidbits? A LOT. And I mean a LOT. For this being a short story, the author has packed the pages.


Normally, I don’t like short stories. To me, if they are part of a series, they don’t normally add any information to what has already been read. In this case, it fills us in on Jeremiah and it’s actually a good short story. I really like this series and can’t wait on the third book to come out!


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79 pages


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