Claimed by the Beast (#1) by Dawn Michelle

claimed by the beast

Crystal is a normal 18 year old senior in high school. Beth is her best friend. Stephanie is the school’s popular girl and is a witch to boot. Crystal and Stephanie got drunk at a party and Stephanie kissed her and then turned it around on Crystal. Everyone started making fun of her because of it.

Crystal and Beth are at a party one night at the home of one of their classmates. Crystal gets tired of Stephanie’s badgering at the party and decides to ditch it. She leaves and starts walking home. As she’s crossing a bridge, a pack of bikers goes through. A beast jumps out and attacks her. The bikers come back and rescue her, loosing one of their own in the aftermath.

Hank, the one who takes her home, turns into a protector of sorts. Crystal sleeps all weekend and is late for school Monday. After school, Hank shows up and she goes with him. She meets the others like him and learns about her fate, which is worse than death.

What happens to Crystal? What kind of beast attacks her? What are Hank and the others? Can they change her fate?


My Personal Opinion:

This was a good book to read. I love paranormal books. This one didn’t have too much paranormal in it like some books do. I will definitely be getting the second book in this series as soon as I can.


99 cents on Kindle

82 pages


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