Falling for the Alphas #1 by Cassie Wright

falling for the alphas

Naomi is a journalist. The city is going to hell and she knows who is at the center of it. She sets up a time to meet him to talk to him.

She learns something very shocking and scary at that meeting. He isn’t just a man. He is much more. Illixy is her spirit-friend who has been there since birth. But she learns he is much more when he brings help to her to save her.

Dylan is the leader of the Silver Song pack. Illixy goes and finds him and he saves her from Stark, the one at the center of everything ruining the city. He takes her to a safe place for the night and explains things to her. She goes to bed that night with many questions.

She learns the next morning of Kayden, the leader of the Vengeance pack. Kayden and Dylan used to be in the same pack. Dylan was alpha after the previous one was killed the year before. Kayden broke off into his own pack and refuses to reunite the packs under Dylan as he likes being alpha.

Naomi has some decisions to make. Is she going to stay where it’s safe? Is she going to go back to the city where she would be in danger? Does she reveal Stark? Does she get with Dylan or Stark?


My Personal Opinion:

I loved this book. I like the paranormal: werewolves, vampires and the like. For being a short story in this first part it is good. I would recommend it if you like werewolves.


Free right now on Kindle. Normally 99 cents.

52 pages


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