Saved by You (Destiny Bay Romances – The Islanders #1) by Helen Conrad

saved by you

Annie Ventura is a widow. Her husband Andy died the year before. Bart Carlson was Andy’s best friend but wants to be more. He is trying to pressure her into selling her ranch.

How does he do that? He causes a few slight problems for her. Two of her ranch hands “quit” and fly to Honolulu thanks to Bart. He hires two new ranch hands and sends them over to Annie. She doesn’t think it’s curious.

Because of Carlson trying to strong arm her out of her land, she hired protection. None other than Kaikane Carrington. She went to school with him when they were younger. He left their senior year of high school. He returns after seeing an ad in the paper thinking it was Andy who had posted the ad.

Kane and Annie start a working relationship. They end up getting together a few times. But Annie squashes each one as still being in love with Andy. She knows what kind of man he was but wants their son, Ryan, to think he was a good guy.

Kane leaves after making a deal with Carlson but doesn’t go far. He gets a job at the airfield.

What happens between him and Annie? How long does he stick around? Does he see his sister and other family after seventeen years?

Find out by getting your book from Amazon.

99 cents on Kindle

184 pages

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