Dishonorably Discharged #1 by Desean Rambo

dishonorably discharged

Kate had a great life. A good job, a good apartment and a great husband who was in the military. Until he comes home from the war with PTSD. They get in a fight one day and he spaces out and almost kills her. Luckily, a passing neighbor heard the commotion and called the police. Kate refused to press charges as she knew it wasn’t really him that had attacked her.

Justin moves out and in with a friend of his. It’s been five months since they’ve been together and they’re still separated. Kate decides she wants to work it out with Justin as she does love him and wants to be with him. So she gets a hold of his via Facebook and they start talking again. Gabe, Justin’s friend, accompanies them on their outings as Justin’s therapist suggests it. Which is good when they go play basketball one day.

Are Kate and Justin able to make it though everything? Are they able to get back together? Read this book to find out.

Free on Kindle 

109 pages


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