My Lady Vampire #1 by Sahara Kelly

my lady vampire

Therese Osmocescu is a red-haired beauty. She ignores most of the men at a party and singles in on Jadranko Czaplinek. He did not have a high station and didn’t have any family left. They leave the ballroom and go out into an unused and disintegrating part of the courtyard. There they end up having sexual relations when she bites him and starts draining him of blood. Before she can finish, they are interrupted by voices. She rushesaway and Jadranko slinks into the nearby woods to recover.

He somehow ends up on a boat and throws himself overboard ten years later. He absolutely hates his life and wishes to end it. He washes up on St Chesswell Chyne. Sir Sidney Chesswell happens across him and brings him back to his house. They make an agreement to help each other. Jadranko, who Sidney deems Adrian, will take over the Chesswell name and become the heir to the Chesswell estate. Sidney will work on finding a cure for Adrian.

An accident happens and a maiden is brought to Sidney as he is known as a bit of a healer. Her name is Katherine Byerly but she lies to both Sidney and Adrian. Adrian knows she is lying but how?

This is a great vampire erotica novel. What happens to Adrian? Does Sidney find a cure? Does Therese come back into the picture? Or has she been destroyed previously? Are all the stories and legends about St Chesswell Chyne true or made up? To find out get your copy from Amazon now!

Free on Kindle

207 pages


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