Cinderella is Evil (Fairy Tales Retold Series #1) by Jamie Campbell

cinderella is evil

We all know the traditional story of Cinderella. Where her father marries the step-mother and she gains two step-sisters but they are all evil. When her father dies, she becomes the maid and finally finds her happily ever after.

This story is told from Anastasia’s point of view. Cinderella’s father dies. The step-mother takes to her bed for a few months while Anastasia and Drizella take over the care of the house. Finally Cinderella starts helping out even though Anastasia tells her she doesn’t have too. Cinderella does it anyways to cope with her fathers dress.

An announcement comes that the king is holding a ball. The step-mother takes all three girls to a tailor and dresses are custom made for each of them: one green, one red and one butter yellow. Anastasia’s and Drizella’s arrive in perfect condition but Cinderella’s was torn when it arrived. Seeing the dress, she thinks that one of them did it and she goes off the deep end.

The day of the ball comes and Cinderella is sulking in her room, refusing to leave it.

Does she make it to the ball in this version? Does Drizella or Anastasia capture the Prince’s attention? Get your copy to find out.

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30 pages

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  1. PTLoS
    Jan 30, 2015 @ 02:42:19

    Sounds like an interesting take on an age old story.



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