A Wolf’s Embrace (Alpha Lust #1) by Ashley Spector

alpha lust

Celia learned of her father’s death. Her mother forbade her from returning to her hometown for the funeral. Celia didn’t listen and returned anyways, lying to her mother saying she was going to stay with a friend and concocted a cover story with her friend.

After the funeral, when everyone was milling around the funeral home, a set of strong hands clamp down on her shoulders and they feel strangely familiar to her. She turns around and sees her childhood friend and boyfriend, Gray standing there. And he doesn’t look too pleased about her being there. They end up getting into a fight after her grandmother and the other attendees leave.

Gray wants her to leave. Says she never should have returned. That her mother had assured him that she would never return. That she had agreed to stay away. This only ends up making Celia seriously mad. She ends up at one of the three bars in town where she runs into Herman, her father’s friend. His son, Corey comes in a while later.

Corey and Celia end up having a fling that night. Gray finds her a couple days later at her grandmothers house and is PISSED about something that Corey did to her. He storms out of the house and returns later only to kidnap her and take her away.

What happened to make Celia leave her hometown? Why didn’t Gray want her to come back? What did Corey do to her? Why does Gray kidnap her?



This was a good erotic story. It will definitely get you turned on while reading it!


Free on Kindle

41 pages

My Lady Vampire #1 by Sahara Kelly

my lady vampire

Therese Osmocescu is a red-haired beauty. She ignores most of the men at a party and singles in on Jadranko Czaplinek. He did not have a high station and didn’t have any family left. They leave the ballroom and go out into an unused and disintegrating part of the courtyard. There they end up having sexual relations when she bites him and starts draining him of blood. Before she can finish, they are interrupted by voices. She rushesaway and Jadranko slinks into the nearby woods to recover.

He somehow ends up on a boat and throws himself overboard ten years later. He absolutely hates his life and wishes to end it. He washes up on St Chesswell Chyne. Sir Sidney Chesswell happens across him and brings him back to his house. They make an agreement to help each other. Jadranko, who Sidney deems Adrian, will take over the Chesswell name and become the heir to the Chesswell estate. Sidney will work on finding a cure for Adrian.

An accident happens and a maiden is brought to Sidney as he is known as a bit of a healer. Her name is Katherine Byerly but she lies to both Sidney and Adrian. Adrian knows she is lying but how?

This is a great vampire erotica novel. What happens to Adrian? Does Sidney find a cure? Does Therese come back into the picture? Or has she been destroyed previously? Are all the stories and legends about St Chesswell Chyne true or made up? To find out get your copy from Amazon now!

Free on Kindle

207 pages

The Sexperiment by Cassie Church


Cassie and Travis are leaving the the club. They make it to the truck and have it warming up when they start talking as they wait on Cassie’s friend Zoe to join them. They get hot and heavy in the truck when she opens the door. They keep talking as they take Zoe home.

One thing leads to another and before you know it, things are sparking from all directions. Are they good sparks? Bad sparks? Indifferential sparks?



This was an okay book. Short but okay.


Free on Kindle

11 pages

Billionaire’s Apprentice (Billionaire’s Romantic Thriller Series #1) by Chase Carroway

billionaire's apprentice

Tori Winters needs a job. She was in school but had to quit going in order to get a job so that she could pay for tuition.

Dorian Atticus is a rich man who seized everything from his sick father who has since passed on. Dorian knows he has enemies everywhere and takes all the precautions he can.

One day, those precautions aren’t enough. He ends up getting shot while trying to protect Tori and his staff members who were being held hostage.

Who was holding them hostage? Why would he risk his life for them? What happens to him in the end?

This is a good book. I like the romance in it as it isn’t a traditional romance book. Thrillers are something that can usually always capture my attention and I really liked this book.

$2.99 on Kindle (I got it while on free promo)

249 pages

Vampire Shift (Keira Hudson Series 1 Book 1) by Tim O’Rourke

vampire shift

Kiera Hudson is a twenty year old police constable. She made the decision to become a cop when she was 17 years old. Her mother had went missing. Her disappearance is explained towards the end of the book.

Kiera just graduated from the police academy. Her first assignment – a volunteer assignment – is The Ragged Cove. She learns things aren’t what they seem the first night she arrives.

The police force in The Ragged Cove consists of Rom, Sergeant Murphy, Potter and Luke Bishop. Luke Bishop ends up falling for Kiera. The first night there, before actually starting her job, she rides with Luke to a scene. This is where she meets Potter, and let me assure you, there is NO love lost between these two.

The next night she is dispatched to the church where a grave was desecrated. Kiera learns the truth that night. Vampires exist. She kills one. Murphy, Luke and Potter lie to her which ensues a verbal onslaught from her. Rom walks in while she is ranting and raving and he ultimately “fires” her.

On her way out of town, she hits a patch of black ice and her car flips. Getting out, she is attacked by some vampires. Luke shows up and single handedly saves her from them. He takes her back to the inn where she was staying. He explains everything to her and he disappears the next day.

Kiera, being Kiera, knows when her secretive helper is getting ready to leave her another note. She catches him in the act this time and is surprised to learn who it is. Things quickly escalate and Kiera learns several people aren’t who they claim to be.

In the end, a huge fight breaks out. I’m not going to let you know who lives and who dies and what happens after the fight. 🙂

Free on Kindle

220 pages

Saved by You (Destiny Bay Romances – The Islanders #1) by Helen Conrad

saved by you

Annie Ventura is a widow. Her husband Andy died the year before. Bart Carlson was Andy’s best friend but wants to be more. He is trying to pressure her into selling her ranch.

How does he do that? He causes a few slight problems for her. Two of her ranch hands “quit” and fly to Honolulu thanks to Bart. He hires two new ranch hands and sends them over to Annie. She doesn’t think it’s curious.

Because of Carlson trying to strong arm her out of her land, she hired protection. None other than Kaikane Carrington. She went to school with him when they were younger. He left their senior year of high school. He returns after seeing an ad in the paper thinking it was Andy who had posted the ad.

Kane and Annie start a working relationship. They end up getting together a few times. But Annie squashes each one as still being in love with Andy. She knows what kind of man he was but wants their son, Ryan, to think he was a good guy.

Kane leaves after making a deal with Carlson but doesn’t go far. He gets a job at the airfield.

What happens between him and Annie? How long does he stick around? Does he see his sister and other family after seventeen years?

Find out by getting your book from Amazon.

99 cents on Kindle

184 pages

Claimed by the Beast (#1) by Dawn Michelle

claimed by the beast

Crystal is a normal 18 year old senior in high school. Beth is her best friend. Stephanie is the school’s popular girl and is a witch to boot. Crystal and Stephanie got drunk at a party and Stephanie kissed her and then turned it around on Crystal. Everyone started making fun of her because of it.

Crystal and Beth are at a party one night at the home of one of their classmates. Crystal gets tired of Stephanie’s badgering at the party and decides to ditch it. She leaves and starts walking home. As she’s crossing a bridge, a pack of bikers goes through. A beast jumps out and attacks her. The bikers come back and rescue her, loosing one of their own in the aftermath.

Hank, the one who takes her home, turns into a protector of sorts. Crystal sleeps all weekend and is late for school Monday. After school, Hank shows up and she goes with him. She meets the others like him and learns about her fate, which is worse than death.

What happens to Crystal? What kind of beast attacks her? What are Hank and the others? Can they change her fate?


My Personal Opinion:

This was a good book to read. I love paranormal books. This one didn’t have too much paranormal in it like some books do. I will definitely be getting the second book in this series as soon as I can.


99 cents on Kindle

82 pages

Falling for the Alphas #1 by Cassie Wright

falling for the alphas

Naomi is a journalist. The city is going to hell and she knows who is at the center of it. She sets up a time to meet him to talk to him.

She learns something very shocking and scary at that meeting. He isn’t just a man. He is much more. Illixy is her spirit-friend who has been there since birth. But she learns he is much more when he brings help to her to save her.

Dylan is the leader of the Silver Song pack. Illixy goes and finds him and he saves her from Stark, the one at the center of everything ruining the city. He takes her to a safe place for the night and explains things to her. She goes to bed that night with many questions.

She learns the next morning of Kayden, the leader of the Vengeance pack. Kayden and Dylan used to be in the same pack. Dylan was alpha after the previous one was killed the year before. Kayden broke off into his own pack and refuses to reunite the packs under Dylan as he likes being alpha.

Naomi has some decisions to make. Is she going to stay where it’s safe? Is she going to go back to the city where she would be in danger? Does she reveal Stark? Does she get with Dylan or Stark?


My Personal Opinion:

I loved this book. I like the paranormal: werewolves, vampires and the like. For being a short story in this first part it is good. I would recommend it if you like werewolves.


Free right now on Kindle. Normally 99 cents.

52 pages

An Heir for the Billionaire #1 by Bethany Rousseau

an heir for the billionaire

Jasmine has a boyfriend. Or I should say, had a boyfriend. She finds out he had cheated on her one night and realizes all the nights he said he was doing stuff with his mom or sister, he was actually cheating. She kicks him out of her house and smashes his phone on the sidewalk. A man was getting into his limo when he witnessed this and then asked Jasmine out right then and there. She accepts and they go out.

He takes her to the most expensive restaurant in town and doesn’t bat an eyelash when the bill is more than a thousand dollars. Randall, the man, asks Jasmine how adventurous she is and she answers him so they go on a little bit of an adventure.

She ends up with his business card at the end of the night and hatches a plan. She runs into him again only for him to propose an arrangement to her.

To find out what all happens in the meantime and to find out what the proposal is, you’ll have to grab your copy and read it.

Free right now

Normally 99 cents

62 pages

Breathe For Me (Be For Me 1: Xander) by Natalie Anderson

breathe for me

Chelsea Greene is trying to move on with her life. She just moved to an apartment in the building and is only renting the space for a couple months.

Xander lives in the penthouse suite of the building and owns a security company. His company is the one that provides the security for the building.

Chelsea is up at the pool on the roof one night when the fire alarm goes off. She can’t move real fast because she was in a very bad car wreck a few years ago and her leg was crushed and broken in three places. The muscle refused to get stronger no matter what she did and it hurt her to walk long distances on it.

Chelsea was taking the stairs down. Xander comes down behind her and stops. Deciding he was going to help her, he picks her up and carries her down all the stairs. They are the last ones out but it doesn’t matter. Everyone was out, safe and sound. This was only a fire drill.

They end up hooking up with the realization is was only sex for the both of them. But one of them starts getting attached. Xander realizes that Chelsea has secrets she’s keeping from him so he digs into her past and learns what she’s hiding.

Does Chelsea eventually tell Xander her secrets? Which one ends up falling for the other? What happens in the end?

$3.99 on Kindle

227 pages

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