Playing the Rookie by Rachelle Ayala

playing the rookie

This is the description that accompanies the book on Amazon and I think it’s pretty fitting: Jessica Song is tired of being a good girl, staying in a relationship well past closing time. Fresh from a breakup, she takes a walk on the wild side as a sports events intern.  Baseball rookie Jay Pak Ahn has been burned one too many times by good girls, especially his cheating ex-fiancée. When he meets wild Jessica, he throws away all caution to enjoy her to the fullest. Jessica and Jay agree to a week of enchanting, starry-eyed dates and wild, unrestrained sex to get their exes out of their systems.  Their pasts collide, exposing the secrets in Jessica’s heart and threatening Jay’s position on the team. Jessica must leave her disappointment behind while Jay has to decide whether Jessica comes before baseball. What will they sacrifice to turn their fling into true love?


Jessica is working at a baseball camp for the first week of spring training. She had the task of signing in all players who had last names starting with A-C. She has one person who hasn’t checked in yet and he’s late. But as she’s standing there talking with her boss and friend, in walks the last player, Jay Pak Ahn.

Jay breaks all his rules and starts flirting with Jessica right away. He’s a Korean player and plays her acting like he doesn’t understand or speak English well. She later finds out he knows what is being said and can speak perfect English. Jessica ends up going and taking a shower and by the time it’s all said and done, she ends up in his lap, naked. But Preston or Todd had told him that she was underage and promised to a Japanese prince. So he leaves.

Later that night, she goes out with Preston and Todd to a bar. A mysterious person sends her a drink and requests her presence at the Pitcher’s Mound. Todd escorts her over there and she learns that it’s Jay. He eventually explains what had happened earlier that day and things look up for them.

This is actually a nice story.


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109 pages

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Taunted by a Killer (Men of the Badge #3) by Riley McKissack


“Taunted by a Killer” is the third book in the “Men of the Badge” series by Riley McKissack. The first book follows Mick Hampton, the second Weston McCall and this book follows Forrester.

Forrester is a detective. He is also part of a specialized team that gears up when needed. There is an arsonist on the loose. Each fire has has a body in it. Cassie, a news anchor, ends up beating the firemen to a few of the fires. She has an informant that is leaving her messages on her phone and she makes it there before anyone else gets the alert.

Forrester becomes suspicious. The thing you have to know, Forrester and Cassie used to be married. But things went south when her Granny, who was like a mother, passed away. Forrester was deep undercover at the time. Cassie sent word through the proper grapevine but he never received the message. So when he showed up a week later, she was done. She was so mad at the world and him that she wanted nothing to do with him.

Cassie and Forrester help save an old lady who lived a few doors down from where the first victim was burned. Miss Mary, the little old lady, had seen who had set the fire but she was scared to talk. When a young black kid ended up arrested, Miss Mary called Cassie and told her that the black kid was innocent and that a white man had done the killing and the fire.

Cassie begins her own investigation and almost dies when she’s lured to another location. Jojo, her cameraman, beat her to the location but the weird thing was that he wasn’t setting up the equipment.

Can Forrester and the rest of the rescue squad make it to where she was trying to drag Jojo out of a burning house? Who is the one setting these fires and targeting women who have “sinned”?


This was a good book. The more I read this series, the better it gets. I was sad to learn of a part in the book that I’m not going to tell you about. But from the previous book, I kinda figure dit was coming, just not quite as soon as it did.


292 pages

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Tempted to Kill (Men of the Badge #2) by Riley McKissack


Alisa has been looking for her sister for months after she ran away from the home she lived in with their stepfather. Meghan had tried to tell Alisa what had been happening but was going about it in a way that Alisa hadn’t understood. So Meghan ran away.

Alisa gets a lead one night when she stops and talks to a teenage girl that’s selling drugs in the street. The girl tells her she’s seen the girl in the picture but she goes by Taylor instead of Meghan. Chelsea, the girl, is in love with her pimp who is Weston. His undercover name is “Jake.” You guessed it. Weston is a part of a special task force. Chelsea also tells Alisa that Taylor/Meghan is one of Bones’ girls.

Alisa doesn’t know what that means to be one of Bones’ girls. She ends up at a bar and runs into Weston. Motor, a guy at the bar, takes an interest in her but Jake/Weston step in to stop that in it’s tracks. When Alisa and Meghan first see each other, sparks fly. Meghan doesn’t want to leave Bones and doesn’t want to give up her life. She’s actually in love with him.

But after a week, it’s all changed. When they make a meet for Alisa to buy Meghan (Bones’ thinks she’s a modern day madam), Meghan is ready to go. But Bones’ has a different plan.


A good read. I was surprised a couple times in the story because it wasn’t what I thought was going to happen.

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300 pages

Play with Me (With Me in Seattle #3) by Kristen Proby

play with me

This is the third book in the With Me series by Kristen Proby. This story follows Will Montgomery and Meg. We previously met Will in the first two books and we catch a glimpse of Meg in book two.

Meg is a nurse in the cancer ward for teenagers. Will is a professional football player. Meg thinks he is a stuck up asshole but eventually learns differently. She has sent many requests to the PR representative for Wills football team to show up and surprise the kids. However, the PR rep never passes the request on to the team members.

When Will and some of the other players find out, they show up at the hospital with a bunch of gear for the kids. Will becomes quick friends with a kid named Nick, who happened to be a football player for his HS team until he was a junior when he took a hard hit and ended up in the hospital where his cancer was discovered.

Meg eventually gives in and starts dating Will. Will is Jules’ brother and Meg was her and Natalie’s best friend in college. So they are all being brought back together again. Meg keeps thinking that she isn’t enough for Will until she has a talk with Jules and it puts everything in perspective for her.

Things get worse before they get better.



A great book. A few nice catch up scenes so we can see what is happening with Natalie/Luke, Isaac/Stacy and Jules/Nate.


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266 pages

Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle #2) by Kristen Proby

fight with me

The second installment in the With Me in Seattle series follows Jules and Nate. We first meet both of them in the first book. Jules is Natalie’s best friend and roommate through must of the book. Nate is Jules’ boss.

In this book, Nate and Jules end up together. But not without trial and error. If you’ve read the first book, you know how rocky Luke and Natalie’s relationship was. Let me tell you, Nate and Jules is more unstable than theirs was!

Nate and Jules work for a company with a no fraternizing policy. There is one girl there that absolutely hates Jules and would do anything to have her fired. Jules and Nate get turned in for their relationship and Jules automatically thinks it’s Carly. But she’s wrong and is surprised on who it was. Both Nate and Jules are surprised when they actually find out who it was.

Are Nate and Jules able to save their relationship? Do they just call it quits and decide to be friends? Is there a way these two can be just friends?



I loved learning about Jules and Nate. I also liked the parts in the book where Natalie and Luke are in it as well as their newborn daughter, Olivia Grace. A must read


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276 pages

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Targeted to Kill (Men of the Badge #1) by Riley McKissack

targeted to kill

Becca Jefferson is a grade school teacher. She has group meetings once a week for the girls at the school to stay late, eat pizza and have a good time. One of her students doesn’t get picked up by her parents and can’t be reached on the phone. So Becca does the right thing and drives the girl home.

She hurries back to her house as it’s later than it normally is and she’s worried about Barley, her dog. She takes him for a walk as soon as she gets home and ends up kidnapped. Before all this though, there is a prison break. Mick Hampton, an undercover FBI agent, and three other felons break out of prison. They leave the safety of the ambulance and get in a backup SUV. Before leaving town, Rowdy the leader, has one more thing he has to do. Guess what it is?

Yep, that’s right. Kidnap Becca. But the thing is Becca and Mick have history together. They used to be a couple before Tess, Becca’s twin, was killed in the line of fire. She was Mick’s partner in the field and he couldn’t deal with what he thought Becca was thinking when she saw him. So he left.

Mick realizes it’s Becca because Barley was brought with her. He just hopes she has enough sense not to blow his cover. This was a REALLY big case that they were working on. He had to find the ones at the top of the chain.



This was a great book. It was not short on action or adventure at all. Each page led you directly to the other without wanting to take a break or do anything else until you finished all of the pages. I would highly recommend this one.


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262 pages

Jim’s First Day (The Infected #1) by Joseph Zuko


The book starts with Jim and his wife Karen having a date night. They try and have one every week even though they have two little girls. They pick the girls up from his mother-in-laws house and go back home. The next day starts like any other until lunch. Then things go haywire.

There are a few large booms from outside the building. The sales floor bay window explodes as a mini van crashes into it. Jim makes it to the sales floor to see his friend Sam behind a washer display, cowering down. He also sees the customer Sam was trying to make a sale to, lying on the ground dead with a  chunk of metal sticking out of her neck.

Across the road, the Jiffy Lube is on fire. A helicopter had crashed into it. Unbelievingly, bodies that are charred to a crisp climb out of the building and start attacking people. The people they attack come back to life and do the same thing. The customer Sam was with, comes back to life and Jim puts is Krav Maga classes to use. He breaks her ribs, a knee and does more damage but it’s as if she doesn’t feel any of it.

Those still left that hadn’t fled yet, head up to the third floor and to the stock room where they lock themselves in. They are able to get onto a small roof at that level and then onto the main roof above. The Jiffy Lube starts exploding and pieces are landing on the roof, close to where the group of six are watching the horror scene below. It’s a twenty foot drop to a van that’s parked against the building. Jim has the idea to throw mattresses down on top of the van and it works, until the last guy. He pushes himself too far and he ends up breaking both wrists, his nose, knocking his two front teeth out and knocks himself unconscious. They think he’s dead so they go to leave him. As they’re getting in Jim’s car he wakes up to reality.

They can’t make it back to him because the zombies are already descending on him. By the time they get a few blocks away, they are all dead except Devon and Jim. The rest died when a truck sideswiped them and pinned them against the post office. Devon and Jim have a hell of a time trying to get to Vancouver to get to Jim’s family. When they get there, they are disappointed at first because his wife and two girls are gone. By the time they get there, they’ve added two more to their group. Another neighbor slides a ladder down and Jim finds out that as of an hour earlier, his wife and kids were fine and were with his brother in law but they had no idea where they were going. And his cell phone was dead.


This was a good zombie book. These characters went through hell and each of them wanted to give up at some point and time but the others wouldn’t let them give up. They helped each other when there was no one else there to help.


250 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

(I got it while it was free on promo)

Ties that Bind (Bellum Sisters #3) by TA Grey

ties that bind

This is book number three in the Bellum Sisters series. Book one is about Chloe while book two is about Willow. Both are Lily’s older sisters and they are twins. Lily is the youngest of the three sisters.

Lily’s story starts with her copy of the will. She is commanded to Telal Demuzi, a demon. She doesn’t mind being his as much as her sisters hated going to Tyrian and Lyonis at first.

Lily just turned 29. This was the day she was to be commanded to Telal Demuzi. She is with her sisters and their mates and friends at her house in Louisiana. They are all outside playing football when Draven, one of the Atal warriors, cheats and uses his powers. Lily decides to use magic but he beats her to the ball and wins for his team. She doesn’t quit running and tackles him to the ground, sitting on his chest afterwards.

They open presents. She receives a lingerie set from Chloe, a snow globe and boxing gloves from Willow, a dagger from Draven, a leather bound book from Draven’s mate Lucinda and a “true” charm bracelet that her friend Rosa el Blanco charmed herself to help protect her.

Lily tends to have dreams of the future. There is a 50 percent chance of it being right and a 50 percent chance of it being wrong. Her dreams have been growing darker lately so after everyone leaves she sets about making a potion for herself to help protect her.

Telal was NOT happy about becoming Lily’s mate and protector. He didn’t want anything to do with her and wanted her to stay far away. Kearnyn walked into his study and they port to Tyrian’s castle to have a meeting. Telal was reminded of Lily’s upcoming birthday by Tyrian as he tells him they celebrated it early. This causes Telal to wonder why they celebrated a month early but Tyrian doesn’t know. Tyrian did mention he was surprised the Telal hadn’t been invited. He had been….he’d been receiving letters from her daily for around eight or nine months before then.

Lily is a risk-taker. She drives a motorcycle and ends up running into the back of a car which sends her flying through the air. She wakes up in the hospital to find her boots missing and then while looking for them, she ends up with a broken nose from a nurse opening the door and hitting her with it. After escaping from the hospital, she goes to Telal’s where she is told to turn around that she doesn’t have an appointment.

Lily being Lily, decides to get past her guards. This only results in a not so warm welcome to a rifle butt in the head.

This is as good of a book as the others. Want to know what happens after this point? Get the books and read them!

$2.99 on Kindle

538 pages

Bonds of Fire (The Bellum Sisters #2) by T.A Grey

bonds of fire

This is the second book in the Bellum Sisters series. This book focuses on the other twin, Willow Bellum. The first book was about Chloe Bellum.

The book opens with Willow’s copy of the will that pertained to her. She was commanded to Alpha Lyonis Keelan, the alpha of all shape-shifters. Like Chloe, Willow does not want to go with him or be with him.

Chloe’s demon is dead from the first book. Now there is another demon that is after Willow. The demon arises from a pit close to Willow’s hiding place and she takes of running away from it. Compared to the demon, she would rather have the alpha.

Now remember, Willow and her sisters are succubi. So instead of sitting through the “birds and the bees” talk, they had to sit through a “different ways to have sex to survive the rest of your life” talk that was embarrassing for them and their father.

Lyonis had already found Willow once but she out-smarted him and got away. She started leaving items of clothing around to throw him off her trail but it really wasn’t working. While on the search for Willow, he noticed the demon scent and knew immediately to contact Tyrian as his warriors were the ones responsible for keeping the demons in the rift.

What all happens between this point in the book and the end? I can assure you, PLENTY happens. Enough to keep you reading until it’s over!

$2.99 on Kindle

474 pages

Chains of Frost (Bellum Sisters #1) by T.A Grey

chains of frost

his book focuses on Chloe Bellum, the oldest of the three sisters. There are other books for Willow, her twin and Lily, her youngest sister. I should probably mention that they are succubi so some of their actions make sense in the books.

The story opens with the three sisters reading their part of the will that was left by their father, Francis Bellum. Each of their copies is the same except the name of the person they were left too as well as the house they each owned now.

Chloe was left to Tyrian en Kulev, the leader of the Atal Warriors. He is a vampire as are most of the warriors under his command with a few exceptions. Along with being commanded to him, she was left the Colorado cabin since she loved the snow. Lily, Chloe and Willow did NOT want to go with these men. So Lily comes up with an idea to keep the men away. They are going to perform a spell.

They leave right away to travel to a location on the Prime Meridian. Unbeknownst to them, they are going to end up summoning a demon. The demon emerges from a pit close to where they are and they all take off running.

Tyrian sends his three best warriors to fetch Chloe on her 29th birthday. What was supposed to be a simple snatch and grab, turned into a six hour shift of trying to find her. They scent her at the Colorado cabin but not at the house in Florida or Wisconsin. They track her credit card to London and they transport there. 

When they arrive, they see the demon making a bunch of noise. Chloe and Lily were awake and saw the demon. Willow had taken off earlier in the night to try and get a head start on running from her “man”.

Henry fought the demon while Draven and Rayn went inside and got Chloe. They ended up fighting her and Lily as neither wanted to go. They left Lily as they were only after Chloe. They grab Henry who takes Chloe even though he is injured and they go back to Tyrian’s castle.

All this action happens in the first 3 chapters!! This book is packed full of action and adventure in it.

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322 pages

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