Messages (David Chance Series #1) by John Michael Hileman


David Chance is like any ordinary man. He has a job, wife and kids. He works at a news station as part of the production crew. Things start to go haywire when he is at work. He starts predicting things. Words stick out to him. The first one being “Will exit. Needs tape.” As soon as he sees those, Will (a fellow co-worker) asks him to get tape but then decides he needs something else and goes to get it himself. This freaks David out but he doesn’t think anything about it.

On the way home from work that night, he has another spell. This time it says “Stop NOW”. He slams on the brakes. The car behind him goes around and enters the intersection. A semi, unable to stop from the opposite direction, slams into the car and kills the driver instantly. David makes it home in a daze.

Him and his wife were set to go out for the night. It doesn’t happen as a knock comes on the door before he arrives home. Sharon opens the door and is greeted by two men. She is handed a letter and she reads it. Her brother is deceased and was killed in the war.

David starts having more and more of these “messages”. He ends up stopping a few things that could cripple the nation if allowed to happen. He ends up getting himself tangled up in the mess but it gets straightened out in the end.

You’ll just have to read this GREAT book in order to see what all David, his friends, his family and co-workers go through in this first book.

$2.99 on Kindle (Free right now)

326 pages


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