Voices (David Chance #2) by John Michael Hileman


Welcome back David Chance and others from the first book. David is in a well of trouble after the first book. Some people, like the FBI are grateful for what he stopped with the nuclear bomb and killing the president. Others are not so grateful and wish to see him locked up. (You can tell by the SEVERAL run in’s that he has with people.)

David still works at the news station but has been cut to part time. A lot of the employees are feeling it. Remember Karen, the reporter from the first book? She returns in this one. She is lobbying for David to get a full time job. David is still getting messages from who he says is God. Others are speculative on who is sending the messages but they don’t argue with him.

David is told to help a kid named Jon Blake. He is in a WORLD of trouble and is trying to be framed for his father’s girlfriends murder. He is like David and hears voices. But, his voices are not good. They keep him out of trouble and away from places he shouldn’t be.

Do you remember Canary from the first book? Well, she reprises her role in this book. Only you actually get to meet her and find out who she is! Canary and Jon hit it off from the beginning. She is like Jon and David and hears voices. But, unlike Jon, she realizes they aren’t good on her own. This causes trouble for her which you find out in the book towards the end.

David, Jon and Elliot James (the presumed bad guy) are all thrown together when a plane crashes in downtown Mildred. Trapped for ten days, they survive and are healthy.

Read the book to find out all the things I skipped over. I assure you, there are plenty of things I haven’t mentioned. 🙂 Only way to find out is to read it yourself. 🙂

$4.99 on Kindle

270 pages


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