Blood Type (Blood Type Series #1) by Melissa Luznicky Garrett

blood type

Blake Elhert has a perfect life. She is co-captain of the high school cheer squad, a senior, 2 time prom queen and, popular and is dating the football teams quarterback, Zack. But things change during the summer before senior year at a party for football players and cheerleaders. She meets John Kelly, a fellow student who is neither a football player or a quarter back. He came with a cheerleader to the party. John and Blake leave the party together and start talking. Blake ends up ending things with Zack and she starts a relationship with John.

Things start to go wrong when John’s friend Ian comes to town. Blake meets Ian and is kind of creeped out by him but she doesn’t know why. She later finds out why later and begins to hate him. She eventually forgives him in the end though because he helps her save John. In the mean time, before needing to save John, Ian does something that he later regrets. In retaliation and out of anger, Blake goes to a man named Josiah and instantly regrets it. She hurries to fix what she did but isn’t able too.

Blake learns a lot of things she didn’t know. But she ends up accepting everything in the end. Together Thomas, Blake and John go back to his house to recouperate from the days events that lead to John being rescued.

Overall, this is an okay book. It would be better if it didn’t switch back and forth from past to present almost every chapter. I do like it. If only they could make clear which is present and which is past at the beginning so it doesn’t confuse you!


338 pages


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