Blood Draw (Blood Type #2) by Melissa Luznicky Garrett

blood draw

Welcome back Blake, Olivia, John, Thomas, Ian and the rest of the characters from the first book plus more.

As known from the first book, Josiah turned Blake into a vampire. They have a connection and he is starting to warm up to her. (Not that she wants his attention.) Conrad Abernathy is revolting along with a bunch of other head watchers in the regions. Blake teams up with others hoping to bring him down.

Things go wrong when she talks to Thomas, who is Conrad’s son. Thomas talks to Margaret, his sister. Margaret implants herself into Blakes life by way of Olivia and compelling her.

If they are to have any hope, outside of the vampire Queen, John and Bridget (another vampire) set off on a journey to find Hannah (a powerful compeller) who John used to take for a decade. John, Blake and the others learn something about Blake when Hannah comes back to John’s house.

This is a good book. Unlike the first book, this one is presented in only the present. It doesn’t flip back and forth from present to past and back again.

I highly recommend this series for those that like thrillers, fantasy and sci-fi type books.


312 pages


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