Prick (A Step-brother Romance) by Sabrina Paige


Prick is a step-brother romance. I must say, the name alone brought me to getting this book. I just had to see what this book was about and why it was titled like this. It was NOT a disappointment at all.

Katherine Harrison is the daughter of a Senator. Caulter Sterling is the son of a famous Hollywood actress. They both attend Brighton, which is a boarding school for high school students. Caulter is part of the Lacrosse team there and one of the other players set up a game called Brighton Bingo. Almost all of the team members have slept with all the girls at the school. Except for Katherine Harrison.

Katherine returns home at the end of graduation to find Caulter Sterling, his mother and her father standing in the living room. She instantly knows that something is up. She doesn’t like Caulter and wants him as far away from her as possible. Did I forget to mention that they slept together only two weeks prior to this? Silly me.

The Senator springs the news that he and Ella are getting married. Caulter knew it was going to happen because Ella told him. She is holding his trust fund over him so he has to behave until the end of summer if he wants it. Surely he can be good for three months, can’t he? Katherine excuses herself and goes to her room.

She just wants to avoid him as much as possible. The senatorial campaign ends and then the madness begins of the wedding being prepared. All while trying to avoid Caulter and it not working. They have continued to sleep together but the disdain is still there for each other. The day of the wedding comes. The wedding progresses fine but it’s at the reception when everything goes to hell.

It was leaked into the media about the Brighton Bingo game and Kate gets pissed. As she rightfully should have. She storms out of the reception and Caulter follows. He tells her that he loves her and she responds that she wants nothing to do with him. She walks away and it’s a few years before they meet again. But what is the meeting like when they do run into each other again?


I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. It had it’s ups and downs but it was hilarious in parts. Definitely a good read.

233 pages

99 cents


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