Chains of Frost (Bellum Sisters #1) by T.A Grey

chains of frost

his book focuses on Chloe Bellum, the oldest of the three sisters. There are other books for Willow, her twin and Lily, her youngest sister. I should probably mention that they are succubi so some of their actions make sense in the books.

The story opens with the three sisters reading their part of the will that was left by their father, Francis Bellum. Each of their copies is the same except the name of the person they were left too as well as the house they each owned now.

Chloe was left to Tyrian en Kulev, the leader of the Atal Warriors. He is a vampire as are most of the warriors under his command with a few exceptions. Along with being commanded to him, she was left the Colorado cabin since she loved the snow. Lily, Chloe and Willow did NOT want to go with these men. So Lily comes up with an idea to keep the men away. They are going to perform a spell.

They leave right away to travel to a location on the Prime Meridian. Unbeknownst to them, they are going to end up summoning a demon. The demon emerges from a pit close to where they are and they all take off running.

Tyrian sends his three best warriors to fetch Chloe on her 29th birthday. What was supposed to be a simple snatch and grab, turned into a six hour shift of trying to find her. They scent her at the Colorado cabin but not at the house in Florida or Wisconsin. They track her credit card to London and they transport there. 

When they arrive, they see the demon making a bunch of noise. Chloe and Lily were awake and saw the demon. Willow had taken off earlier in the night to try and get a head start on running from her “man”.

Henry fought the demon while Draven and Rayn went inside and got Chloe. They ended up fighting her and Lily as neither wanted to go. They left Lily as they were only after Chloe. They grab Henry who takes Chloe even though he is injured and they go back to Tyrian’s castle.

All this action happens in the first 3 chapters!! This book is packed full of action and adventure in it.

Free on Kindle

322 pages

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