Night of the She-Wolf (Sold to the Alpha #3) by Cara Wylde

she wolf

“Night of the She-Wolf” is the third book in the “Sold to the Alpha” series by Cara Wylde.

Avelynn is still determined to get away from Schloss Blackmane. She meets Karl for the first time in this book and provides some insight on the vulpes or the foxes. The wolves are trying to figure out what the vulpes are up to and with some insight from Avelynn, think they have it figured out.

They’ve pushed back the mating ritual once. And Avelynn wants to push it back again but Max doesn’t want to budge. Avelynn continues to sneak down to the dungeons and talk to Sabine, the other bride.  Avelynn and Sabine cook up a scheme to get Max to agree to push the mating ritual back another month. And he agrees to it. Happy that Avelynn is taking a liking to how she wants to present herself to the other wolves of the Blackmane clan.

Avelynn and Sabine break out of the dungeons and out into the woods surrounding the schloss. But Avelynn knows that something is wrong. Sabine doesn’t seem normal and doesn’t seem to feel the cold even though she is stark naked. Sabine reveals her true intentions. Max and his wolves come to the rescue but not before Sabine bites Avelynn and infects her with the wolf virus.


Loved this book. Just not the ending. I am NOT a lover of cliffhangers but I like this series too much to give up on it because of a cliffhanger.

$2.99 on Kindle

88 pages


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