Bonds of Fire (The Bellum Sisters #2) by T.A Grey

bonds of fire

This is the second book in the Bellum Sisters series. This book focuses on the other twin, Willow Bellum. The first book was about Chloe Bellum.

The book opens with Willow’s copy of the will that pertained to her. She was commanded to Alpha Lyonis Keelan, the alpha of all shape-shifters. Like Chloe, Willow does not want to go with him or be with him.

Chloe’s demon is dead from the first book. Now there is another demon that is after Willow. The demon arises from a pit close to Willow’s hiding place and she takes of running away from it. Compared to the demon, she would rather have the alpha.

Now remember, Willow and her sisters are succubi. So instead of sitting through the “birds and the bees” talk, they had to sit through a “different ways to have sex to survive the rest of your life” talk that was embarrassing for them and their father.

Lyonis had already found Willow once but she out-smarted him and got away. She started leaving items of clothing around to throw him off her trail but it really wasn’t working. While on the search for Willow, he noticed the demon scent and knew immediately to contact Tyrian as his warriors were the ones responsible for keeping the demons in the rift.

What all happens between this point in the book and the end? I can assure you, PLENTY happens. Enough to keep you reading until it’s over!

$2.99 on Kindle

474 pages

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