Ties that Bind (Bellum Sisters #3) by TA Grey

ties that bind

This is book number three in the Bellum Sisters series. Book one is about Chloe while book two is about Willow. Both are Lily’s older sisters and they are twins. Lily is the youngest of the three sisters.

Lily’s story starts with her copy of the will. She is commanded to Telal Demuzi, a demon. She doesn’t mind being his as much as her sisters hated going to Tyrian and Lyonis at first.

Lily just turned 29. This was the day she was to be commanded to Telal Demuzi. She is with her sisters and their mates and friends at her house in Louisiana. They are all outside playing football when Draven, one of the Atal warriors, cheats and uses his powers. Lily decides to use magic but he beats her to the ball and wins for his team. She doesn’t quit running and tackles him to the ground, sitting on his chest afterwards.

They open presents. She receives a lingerie set from Chloe, a snow globe and boxing gloves from Willow, a dagger from Draven, a leather bound book from Draven’s mate Lucinda and a “true” charm bracelet that her friend Rosa el Blanco charmed herself to help protect her.

Lily tends to have dreams of the future. There is a 50 percent chance of it being right and a 50 percent chance of it being wrong. Her dreams have been growing darker lately so after everyone leaves she sets about making a potion for herself to help protect her.

Telal was NOT happy about becoming Lily’s mate and protector. He didn’t want anything to do with her and wanted her to stay far away. Kearnyn walked into his study and they port to Tyrian’s castle to have a meeting. Telal was reminded of Lily’s upcoming birthday by Tyrian as he tells him they celebrated it early. This causes Telal to wonder why they celebrated a month early but Tyrian doesn’t know. Tyrian did mention he was surprised the Telal hadn’t been invited. He had been….he’d been receiving letters from her daily for around eight or nine months before then.

Lily is a risk-taker. She drives a motorcycle and ends up running into the back of a car which sends her flying through the air. She wakes up in the hospital to find her boots missing and then while looking for them, she ends up with a broken nose from a nurse opening the door and hitting her with it. After escaping from the hospital, she goes to Telal’s where she is told to turn around that she doesn’t have an appointment.

Lily being Lily, decides to get past her guards. This only results in a not so warm welcome to a rifle butt in the head.

This is as good of a book as the others. Want to know what happens after this point? Get the books and read them!

$2.99 on Kindle

538 pages


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