Jim’s First Day (The Infected #1) by Joseph Zuko


The book starts with Jim and his wife Karen having a date night. They try and have one every week even though they have two little girls. They pick the girls up from his mother-in-laws house and go back home. The next day starts like any other until lunch. Then things go haywire.

There are a few large booms from outside the building. The sales floor bay window explodes as a mini van crashes into it. Jim makes it to the sales floor to see his friend Sam behind a washer display, cowering down. He also sees the customer Sam was trying to make a sale to, lying on the ground dead with a  chunk of metal sticking out of her neck.

Across the road, the Jiffy Lube is on fire. A helicopter had crashed into it. Unbelievingly, bodies that are charred to a crisp climb out of the building and start attacking people. The people they attack come back to life and do the same thing. The customer Sam was with, comes back to life and Jim puts is Krav Maga classes to use. He breaks her ribs, a knee and does more damage but it’s as if she doesn’t feel any of it.

Those still left that hadn’t fled yet, head up to the third floor and to the stock room where they lock themselves in. They are able to get onto a small roof at that level and then onto the main roof above. The Jiffy Lube starts exploding and pieces are landing on the roof, close to where the group of six are watching the horror scene below. It’s a twenty foot drop to a van that’s parked against the building. Jim has the idea to throw mattresses down on top of the van and it works, until the last guy. He pushes himself too far and he ends up breaking both wrists, his nose, knocking his two front teeth out and knocks himself unconscious. They think he’s dead so they go to leave him. As they’re getting in Jim’s car he wakes up to reality.

They can’t make it back to him because the zombies are already descending on him. By the time they get a few blocks away, they are all dead except Devon and Jim. The rest died when a truck sideswiped them and pinned them against the post office. Devon and Jim have a hell of a time trying to get to Vancouver to get to Jim’s family. When they get there, they are disappointed at first because his wife and two girls are gone. By the time they get there, they’ve added two more to their group. Another neighbor slides a ladder down and Jim finds out that as of an hour earlier, his wife and kids were fine and were with his brother in law but they had no idea where they were going. And his cell phone was dead.


This was a good zombie book. These characters went through hell and each of them wanted to give up at some point and time but the others wouldn’t let them give up. They helped each other when there was no one else there to help.


250 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

(I got it while it was free on promo)

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