Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle #2) by Kristen Proby

fight with me

The second installment in the With Me in Seattle series follows Jules and Nate. We first meet both of them in the first book. Jules is Natalie’s best friend and roommate through must of the book. Nate is Jules’ boss.

In this book, Nate and Jules end up together. But not without trial and error. If you’ve read the first book, you know how rocky Luke and Natalie’s relationship was. Let me tell you, Nate and Jules is more unstable than theirs was!

Nate and Jules work for a company with a no fraternizing policy. There is one girl there that absolutely hates Jules and would do anything to have her fired. Jules and Nate get turned in for their relationship and Jules automatically thinks it’s Carly. But she’s wrong and is surprised on who it was. Both Nate and Jules are surprised when they actually find out who it was.

Are Nate and Jules able to save their relationship? Do they just call it quits and decide to be friends? Is there a way these two can be just friends?



I loved learning about Jules and Nate. I also liked the parts in the book where Natalie and Luke are in it as well as their newborn daughter, Olivia Grace. A must read


$2.99 on Kindle

276 pages

(Read with Kindle Unlimited membership)

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