Night of the She-Wolf (Sold to the Alpha #3) by Cara Wylde

she wolf

“Night of the She-Wolf” is the third book in the “Sold to the Alpha” series by Cara Wylde.

Avelynn is still determined to get away from Schloss Blackmane. She meets Karl for the first time in this book and provides some insight on the vulpes or the foxes. The wolves are trying to figure out what the vulpes are up to and with some insight from Avelynn, think they have it figured out.

They’ve pushed back the mating ritual once. And Avelynn wants to push it back again but Max doesn’t want to budge. Avelynn continues to sneak down to the dungeons and talk to Sabine, the other bride.  Avelynn and Sabine cook up a scheme to get Max to agree to push the mating ritual back another month. And he agrees to it. Happy that Avelynn is taking a liking to how she wants to present herself to the other wolves of the Blackmane clan.

Avelynn and Sabine break out of the dungeons and out into the woods surrounding the schloss. But Avelynn knows that something is wrong. Sabine doesn’t seem normal and doesn’t seem to feel the cold even though she is stark naked. Sabine reveals her true intentions. Max and his wolves come to the rescue but not before Sabine bites Avelynn and infects her with the wolf virus.


Loved this book. Just not the ending. I am NOT a lover of cliffhangers but I like this series too much to give up on it because of a cliffhanger.

$2.99 on Kindle

88 pages

Prick (A Step-brother Romance) by Sabrina Paige


Prick is a step-brother romance. I must say, the name alone brought me to getting this book. I just had to see what this book was about and why it was titled like this. It was NOT a disappointment at all.

Katherine Harrison is the daughter of a Senator. Caulter Sterling is the son of a famous Hollywood actress. They both attend Brighton, which is a boarding school for high school students. Caulter is part of the Lacrosse team there and one of the other players set up a game called Brighton Bingo. Almost all of the team members have slept with all the girls at the school. Except for Katherine Harrison.

Katherine returns home at the end of graduation to find Caulter Sterling, his mother and her father standing in the living room. She instantly knows that something is up. She doesn’t like Caulter and wants him as far away from her as possible. Did I forget to mention that they slept together only two weeks prior to this? Silly me.

The Senator springs the news that he and Ella are getting married. Caulter knew it was going to happen because Ella told him. She is holding his trust fund over him so he has to behave until the end of summer if he wants it. Surely he can be good for three months, can’t he? Katherine excuses herself and goes to her room.

She just wants to avoid him as much as possible. The senatorial campaign ends and then the madness begins of the wedding being prepared. All while trying to avoid Caulter and it not working. They have continued to sleep together but the disdain is still there for each other. The day of the wedding comes. The wedding progresses fine but it’s at the reception when everything goes to hell.

It was leaked into the media about the Brighton Bingo game and Kate gets pissed. As she rightfully should have. She storms out of the reception and Caulter follows. He tells her that he loves her and she responds that she wants nothing to do with him. She walks away and it’s a few years before they meet again. But what is the meeting like when they do run into each other again?


I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. It had it’s ups and downs but it was hilarious in parts. Definitely a good read.

233 pages

99 cents

Special Offers (The Coursodon Dimension #1) by M.L Ryan

special offers

Hailey is a thirty-something year old female living in Tucson, Arizona. She works for a company that milks chinchillas to make cheese with. One morning, she notices she had WAY too many books for her shelves. Her living room is cluttered with bookshelves whose shelves are 2 and 3 deep with books. She purchases a Kindle cheaply with the stipulation of special offers showing on the sleep screen rather than pretty artwork.

The first time she turns her Kindle on, she gets a tingling sensation and chalks it up to being static electricity. She thinks nothing more of it and goes on about her week as normal. But on the weekend, she feels like she’s getting sick. So she spends the entire weekend at home. Sometime over the weekend, she made a phone call but doesn’t remember it.

The other party calls her back a couple of times before she gets rude with them and hangs up. A few days later, she trips while running and it happens in front of a hot guy. They meet up at the bar the next night, but not knowingly on her part. Her colleagues and best friend were going to meet her at the bar but then cancelled on her.

Alex and Hailey talk for a few minutes before she goes running out of the bar, in tears. She makes it home and Alex follows her. She dropped her phone and he wanted to make sure she was really okay. Alex explains things to Hailey and she accepts them. Alex accompanies Hailey to work each day under the rouse of making the company’s computers better, which he does.

There is so much more that happens in this book that I could never do this book justice.



I loved this book. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not but I gave it a try. And in the end, I loved this book. It is a funny read in places and serious at others. Definitely a lot of action and adventure packed into it.


Free right now on Kindle. Normally 99 cents.

216 pages

Blood Draw (Blood Type #2) by Melissa Luznicky Garrett

blood draw

Welcome back Blake, Olivia, John, Thomas, Ian and the rest of the characters from the first book plus more.

As known from the first book, Josiah turned Blake into a vampire. They have a connection and he is starting to warm up to her. (Not that she wants his attention.) Conrad Abernathy is revolting along with a bunch of other head watchers in the regions. Blake teams up with others hoping to bring him down.

Things go wrong when she talks to Thomas, who is Conrad’s son. Thomas talks to Margaret, his sister. Margaret implants herself into Blakes life by way of Olivia and compelling her.

If they are to have any hope, outside of the vampire Queen, John and Bridget (another vampire) set off on a journey to find Hannah (a powerful compeller) who John used to take for a decade. John, Blake and the others learn something about Blake when Hannah comes back to John’s house.

This is a good book. Unlike the first book, this one is presented in only the present. It doesn’t flip back and forth from present to past and back again.

I highly recommend this series for those that like thrillers, fantasy and sci-fi type books.


312 pages

Blood Type (Blood Type Series #1) by Melissa Luznicky Garrett

blood type

Blake Elhert has a perfect life. She is co-captain of the high school cheer squad, a senior, 2 time prom queen and, popular and is dating the football teams quarterback, Zack. But things change during the summer before senior year at a party for football players and cheerleaders. She meets John Kelly, a fellow student who is neither a football player or a quarter back. He came with a cheerleader to the party. John and Blake leave the party together and start talking. Blake ends up ending things with Zack and she starts a relationship with John.

Things start to go wrong when John’s friend Ian comes to town. Blake meets Ian and is kind of creeped out by him but she doesn’t know why. She later finds out why later and begins to hate him. She eventually forgives him in the end though because he helps her save John. In the mean time, before needing to save John, Ian does something that he later regrets. In retaliation and out of anger, Blake goes to a man named Josiah and instantly regrets it. She hurries to fix what she did but isn’t able too.

Blake learns a lot of things she didn’t know. But she ends up accepting everything in the end. Together Thomas, Blake and John go back to his house to recouperate from the days events that lead to John being rescued.

Overall, this is an okay book. It would be better if it didn’t switch back and forth from past to present almost every chapter. I do like it. If only they could make clear which is present and which is past at the beginning so it doesn’t confuse you!


338 pages

Voices (David Chance #2) by John Michael Hileman


Welcome back David Chance and others from the first book. David is in a well of trouble after the first book. Some people, like the FBI are grateful for what he stopped with the nuclear bomb and killing the president. Others are not so grateful and wish to see him locked up. (You can tell by the SEVERAL run in’s that he has with people.)

David still works at the news station but has been cut to part time. A lot of the employees are feeling it. Remember Karen, the reporter from the first book? She returns in this one. She is lobbying for David to get a full time job. David is still getting messages from who he says is God. Others are speculative on who is sending the messages but they don’t argue with him.

David is told to help a kid named Jon Blake. He is in a WORLD of trouble and is trying to be framed for his father’s girlfriends murder. He is like David and hears voices. But, his voices are not good. They keep him out of trouble and away from places he shouldn’t be.

Do you remember Canary from the first book? Well, she reprises her role in this book. Only you actually get to meet her and find out who she is! Canary and Jon hit it off from the beginning. She is like Jon and David and hears voices. But, unlike Jon, she realizes they aren’t good on her own. This causes trouble for her which you find out in the book towards the end.

David, Jon and Elliot James (the presumed bad guy) are all thrown together when a plane crashes in downtown Mildred. Trapped for ten days, they survive and are healthy.

Read the book to find out all the things I skipped over. I assure you, there are plenty of things I haven’t mentioned. 🙂 Only way to find out is to read it yourself. 🙂

$4.99 on Kindle

270 pages

Are You Addicted to Reading? 20 Signs That Say You Are

12 Problems Only Readers Will Understand

Every single one of these is me. 😀

A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1) by T.K Leigh

a beautiful mess

Meet Olivia. She’s in her late twenties. She works at a health/wellness club in a building in Boston. One night she goes out for drinks with her girlfriends and ends up breaking up with the guy she had been sleeping with. One thing to understand is that Olivia does NOT do relationships. They always end up with broken hearts and she doesn’t want any more of a broken heart than what she has already.

Everyone she’s ever loved has left her. Her mother, her father, her childhood best friend, her uncle, everyone. When she was six years old, her mother packed her up in a hurry. When her father arrived, they climbed in the vehicle and left with him. He was a CIA operative. On the highway, a vehicle behind them slams into them and they end up in a guardrail.

She’s pulled out of the vehicle by her childhood best friend and placed in another vehicle. And then he’s knocked out by the butt of a gun to the back of the head after he promises her he’ll always keep her safe. But she doesn’t remember any of her life before this and she doesn’t remember most of the incident.

But when she meets Alexander Burnham, some memories start coming back while she’s asleep. Alexander saves her from Simon, the one she broke up with the same night that she went to the bar with her girlfriends. Alexander doesn’t deal with relationships either. He’s always been in love with his childhood best friend who everyone says died. But he KNOWS in his heart that she’s not dead. He’s been looking for her for all these years.

Running into Olivia, he knows that she’s his best friend from all those years ago. But it doesn’t appear she remembers him or anything that happened. He doesn’t want to tell her what happened. He knows that something is going on and someone is after her. The question is why. He makes it his mission to try and get close to her and figure everything out so he can try and save her and save himself.


This is a great book. I’ve had it on my wishlist for a long time and this morning when I checked it, it was free. So I hurried to buy it and I sat down to read it. This was NOT a disappointing book in the least. I absolutely love it. This book has love, heart-ache, romance and erotica in it. It is an awesome story that one should read if they like romances.

Free on Kindle right now.

Messages (David Chance Series #1) by John Michael Hileman


David Chance is like any ordinary man. He has a job, wife and kids. He works at a news station as part of the production crew. Things start to go haywire when he is at work. He starts predicting things. Words stick out to him. The first one being “Will exit. Needs tape.” As soon as he sees those, Will (a fellow co-worker) asks him to get tape but then decides he needs something else and goes to get it himself. This freaks David out but he doesn’t think anything about it.

On the way home from work that night, he has another spell. This time it says “Stop NOW”. He slams on the brakes. The car behind him goes around and enters the intersection. A semi, unable to stop from the opposite direction, slams into the car and kills the driver instantly. David makes it home in a daze.

Him and his wife were set to go out for the night. It doesn’t happen as a knock comes on the door before he arrives home. Sharon opens the door and is greeted by two men. She is handed a letter and she reads it. Her brother is deceased and was killed in the war.

David starts having more and more of these “messages”. He ends up stopping a few things that could cripple the nation if allowed to happen. He ends up getting himself tangled up in the mess but it gets straightened out in the end.

You’ll just have to read this GREAT book in order to see what all David, his friends, his family and co-workers go through in this first book.

$2.99 on Kindle (Free right now)

326 pages

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