A Cure for the Broken (Sold to the Alpha #4) by Cara Wylde


Avelyn, Max and the others return in the fourth installment of the “Sold to the Alpha” series by Cara Wylde.

We know from book three that Avelyn was bitten by Sabine to turn her into a wolf so that she couldn’t have children and couldn’t give Max what he wanted most. But Sabine was wrong. What Max wants most isn’t children, it’s Avelyn. He truly loves her.

A doctor comes and checks on Avelyn to make sure the wound is healing properly, which it is. He also learns a small something and tells Max, Jocelyn and Karl before Avelyn. Max tries to tell Avelyn but he just can’t so the doctor ends up telling her. She’s pregnant. There is a 98% chance she’ll loose the baby when she turns for the first time and a 2% chance that she won’t but that’s not to guarantee the baby would be healthy if it survived. Avelyn bans them all from her room, especially Christine.

We all knew Christine was up to something but just not sure what. I still think she has something up her sleeve that hasn’t come out yet. (But that’s just my opinion.) Later, after Avelyn calms down, her and Max talk. She discloses everything from the time she was brought to the Schloss up until she was bitten. Max understands why she did what she did and only blames himself because he wasn’t forthright with her. Later, he comes clean and fills her in on the truth about Sabine and why she was locked up.

We also learn that people are going missing from towns close to where the Schloss is. But things are in the works. Also, we learn of a possible cure for people who were bitten by shifters.


This is a good book. I sure didn’t expect the few twists that were thrown in there.

$2.99 on Kindle

93 pages


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