Stepbrother Bad Boy by Veronica Daye


Rosalie is crushing on the new hot guy at school. He started there the year before, he’s tattooed and he’s a bad boy. All the girls want him and he has a reputation in the school.  Noelle, Rosalie’s best friend, and Rosalie like to spy on him and watch him when he’s outside smoking. Rosalie thinks she’s being sneaky but Shane knows that she watches him. He just doesn’t say anything to her.

Rosalie lives with her mother and step-father Jim. She absolutely hates it there. She has no privacy, can’t talk on the phone without Jim listening in and she can’t hang out with her friends. She even has time limits on how long she can be gone with her own father. Rosalie knows that Jim is a creeper and her mother knows how she feels about him. But her mother always sides with Jim.

When Rosalie finishes high school she gets a job. Even though she’s paying rent, buying groceries and helping pay on their credit cards, she still has no privacy in the house. She put a lock on her door and it ticks Jim off something fierce. She refuses to give him a key and he ends up taking the door off the hinges in retaliation. So what does Rosalie do? She moves in with her father and his wife.

Did I happen to mention yet that her father’s wife’s son is the hot guy from  high school? Oops. I seemed to have forgotten to mention that before now. Things went wrong one day at school and Shane (hot guy) ended up going to jail for four months. He moves in with his mother, Rosalie and her dad when he is released. Things get weird between them pretty quickly.

Rosalie wants nothing more than to forget about her stepbrother and to quit having all the thoughts she has about him. But it’s hard when you’re living in the same house. How does she forget him? Or does she? Is she able to handle her feelings and keep things semi-cordial between them? Why did Shane go to jail? What is the true reason that Rosalie hates Jim and has nightmares about when she was littler?


I bought this book for 99 cents on Amazon. It sounded like a good book. I was NOT disappointed in reading this book. I loved it. I’m not a HUGE romance fan but I do read them. This one is definitely keeping its place on my Kindle and will be revisted from time to time.

99 cents on Kindle

200 pages


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