Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce


I received this book free from Curiosity Quills Press in exchange for an honest review of the book.

Sierra is a fairy keeper and she hates it. Her father is a dark alchemist and forces her to take more nectar from the fairies than she should. And she does it to keep her little sister Phoebe safe. One day, all the fairies, except the queen die after an earthquake. She knows that Jack, her father, is going to be beyond pissed when he finds out. Bentwood, another dark alchemist from two ports over, just so happens to be over that night for dinner and to talk business with Jack.

Since there won’t be anymore nectar, Jack and Bentwood come to a new agreement. Sierra has two fortnights, or a month, to find a wild fairy queen and bring it back to the hatch. If she doesn’t have a fairy queen by that time, then Phoebe will go work for Bentwood. And Sierra really hates that idea. Jack calls on Nell, one of his runners and enforcers, to travel with Sierra as he doesn’t want her doing anything stupid while on the journey. Sierra’s first instinct is to go to Corbin, the other fairy keeper in the same port and the same age as her. They arrive to his hatch to find it empty and all the fairies except the queen dead as well.

Corbin sets out on the journey with Nell and Sierra. It’s awkward between them because Nell likes Corbin and is jealous of the friendship between him and Sierra. Sierra doesn’t like Corbin in that way and soon feels like a third wheel when it’s obvious that Corbin likes Nell. Things go from bad to worse on their journey to find either their fairy queens or to find a while fairy queen.


This book is packed full of adventure and fantasy. This book had me hooked from cover to cover. This book has it all. Adventure, fantasy, magic, romance and some action as well. Definitely a book I will be keeping in my library and returning to in the future! I must say that some spots took me by surprise as I had pictured the outcomes of a few things differently.


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