Tell Me When I’m Dead (Dead #1) by Steven Ramirez


“Tell Me When I’m Dead” is the first book in the “Dead” series written by Steven Ramirez. This is a zombie book.

Dave Pulaski is a recovering alcoholic. He drank for 6 years and was always hanging with his friend Jim. Then one of his co-workers asked him out and things were looking up for him. He quit drinking, went to AA meetings and quit hanging out with Jim. One night, Jim shows up at Dave and Holly’s house, drunk.

Dave drives him home but on the way, he swerves to miss a dog that was in the road. The dog was Jim’s dog that had gone missing a few weeks before though. And it looked dead. Dave had lost control of the car. His seat-belt and airbag saved his life while Jim went sailing through the window. He hadn’t been wearing his belt. Dave gets a ride back to town and to the police station. He files a missing persons report on Jim since he hadn’t been able to find him and calls Holly.

Holly takes him to the hospital. Over the next few weeks, people become more and more demented. People were attacking others. Biting them and killing them. Then those would come back. First it took days and then hours and then moved to just minutes for the dead to turn.

Dave and Holly separate because of some things that Dave admits. He escorts her to her mother’s house at the lake a short drive away from their hometown. After he leaves there, he encounters his doctor on the way back to town and rescues him. The disease is getting worse. The town is crawling with them. It is quarantined using an outfit called Black Dragon. Soon another group rises up to suppress the Black Dragons and zombies called hte Red Militia. But, they aren’t just going after zombies and Black Dragon forces. They’re going after everyone.


This was a great book. It was NOT short on action or adventure at all. I loved reading this book. Once I started it, I did NOT put it down. I read it straight through until I was done. It was that good. I liked all the characters except a few and if you read the book, I’m pretty sure you can figure out who I don’t like. I’m sure your opinion would be the same as mine!


303 pages on Kindle

Amazon Price: 99 cents

Price I Paid: 99 cents


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