The Keeper by Dalia Roddy

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keeperI received this book free in exchange for an honest review and am participating in the review tour for this book. 😀

Book Description:

An ancient box is found, and its mysterious occupants released. They seem benign, the small, floating creatures freed from the box… until they begin multiplying. Until Guy, Saul, Emily and her ten-year old twins find themselves sucked into a whirlpool of terror. For the pretty little floaters have bonded them, and are taking something from them….and giving back something even more dangerous.

What they give back is new to the world. It is something three desperate mercenaries want, and will kill to get. Unable to negotiate with their murderous hunters, Guy, Saul, Emily and the girls find themselves fleeing for their lives.

Yet, unknown to all, a deeper threat is growing: Without a Keeper, the creatures are making their move…


This description fits the book PERFECTLY. I wouldn’t add anything else to it as it covers it all without giving anything away.

Saul, Guy and Gary are out on an adventure. They are always going on adventures and looking for treasure and new things. They happen upon a barn that has long since been abandoned and check it out. Inside is a massively heavy chest. They open it and some jellyfish-like creatures escape. Each guy has their own creature that attaches itself to them. They spend the night in the barn before leaving.

The rightful owners of the box show up but the other three had already left. The two want their box back. They are willing to kill to get the box back and they want it badly. They have the unfortunate task of having to tell their third person the box is missing.

Emily is twenty-six and has ten-year old twin girls. Abby and Annie are identical twins. Usually when an argument breaks out, it’s Abby who is the loudest and speaks her mind but recently Annie had. Emily is unsettled in being a single parent. She doesn’t feel connected to them the way she knows she should. She refers to them as the girls or the twins instead of my girls or my twins which most parents use when referring to their children.

Guy and Emily are dating but haven’t been together that long. When Guy returns from his trip with Saul and Gary, he takes Emily and the girls on a four day camping trip. He wished he had a day off between adventures but he’s happy to be spending time with them anyways. Annie has a secret and she doesn’t want it to get out. Her hearing is failing her. Things always sound muffled. She can read lips if people are facing her but otherwise it is difficult for her to know what people are saying.

On the camping trip, she thinks her eyes are failing as well because she keeps seeing this flash of color next to where Abby is standing in the stream and splashing her with water. She doesn’t want to be blind and deaf and only hopes her eyes aren’t really failing her.


All this happens in the first couple of chapters! This is an amazing book. It is one of those books that you read in one sitting no matter how late it gets! Definitely recommend this book to readers!


I received this book free from Curiosity Quills Press.

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