Rachel and Charlie’s Untold Story (My Devouring Love Series Short) by Donna Neville-Theiler


“Rachel and Charlie’s Untold Story” is a short story in the “My Devouring Love” series by Donna Neville-Theiler. I have read books 1, 2 and 2.5 in the series and have one book left to read at the moment. I WILL be getting it sometime in the future when funds are available!


Rachel and Charlie are married and have a 2 year old son as well as Racehl being pregnant. Rachel took her son to the doctor earlier the day and he got a flu shot. Luckily she was pregnant and couldn’t get one right then.  Charlie arrives home from work and Rachel tells him that she thinks Brice is sick. He thinks she’s just worrying too much until she takes his temp and it his over 105 degrees.

They get him in the car and get to the hospital. But there are hundreds of people already there. All with the same symptoms of a high fever and vomiting. They think they’re lucky because Brice isn’t vomiting but after over an hour of waiting, he vomits all over Charlie. Rachel takes him and cleans him up while Charlie goes and changes his shirt. It’s finally their turn to be taken into the back to a room. They are put in a room and told to stay there followed by the door being shut. After a while the doctor comes in. An army soldier is with him. Things get bad when an army soldier takes out zip ties and ties Brice to the bed.

They won’t explain anything to Rachel or Charlie and they both almost get thrown out of the hospital. They calm down and eventually, Brice changes into one of those things. At that point they didn’t know what they were. Things go from bad to worse. Charlie and Rachel make it out of the hospital and back to their apartment building. But soon soldiers start ransaking the building. They shoot a man in one of the lower apartments and take his wife as hostage. Charlie and Rachel hide in the storage space above their apartment and are undetected then.

A few days later the soldiers come back and they make a run for it. They make it to another building where a lady takes them to an apartment with to girls. They allow Rachel and Charlie to stay with them. Charlie and one of the girls goes out on a supply run while Rachel and the other stay at the apartment. Only, it doesn’t go so well. The apartment is invaded by the girls boyfriend and what turns out to be the soldiers.


This book might be short but it has a lot going on in it. This is a sad book but a happy one at the same time, if you can imagine that. I have liked the other books in the series and this one is no different. The book does need some editing done with some misspelled words and missed punctuation but it’s nothing major that can’t be overlooked. I suggest reading the other books in this series.


Amazon Price: 99 cents

I Paid: FREE

Pages: 118

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