The Exposé (The Exposé #1) by Roxy Sloane


USA Today bestselling author, Roxy Sloane, has started what I’m sure is a great series with this book. I can only imagine what happens with the rest of the books!

Zoe is a college graduate who is a month behind on her rent. Luckily, she has a roommate who doesn’t mind and covers it. Zoe is going to an interview but she doesn’t have the right clothes for it. The interview is at a highly respected and highly secured sex joint.

Dax Ryan is on his third business. The first two are highly successful and respected and he’s made his third place just the same. Politicians, sports players anyone can apply but not all will be accepted. He needs new hostesses as he’s lost three in the last week or two. Something isn’t right and he knows. Then he gets a letter in the mail stating they know his secret. But what secret are they talking about? Is it about one of his members or is it a personal threat?

Dax catches Zoe snooping around before the interviews. She feigns being lost but he doesn’t believe it. He hires her after her interview but she’s using a different name for her interviews. If anyone looked up her real name, they would see all her articles that have been published in her college newspaper and other newspapers as well. They have a probationary period at the club and she passes it with flying colors.

But what is next to come for Zoe and Dax? And others we’ve met in the short book?


This might have been a short book but it was a good one I was expecting things to go differently than they did. A good read.


Amazon Price: Free

I Paid: Free

Pages: 43

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