I Zombie I (I Zombie #1) by Jack Wallen

i zombie


“I Zombie I” is the first book in the I Zombie series by Jack Wallen.  I first read this book back in 2013 when I first purchased it. I recently (within the last year lol) bought books 2-4. There are still 6 more books in the I Zombie series that I need and will eventually get.


Jacob Plummer is a journalist. A well respected one. He isn’t tied down with any family and no real friends so the newspaper he works for sends him all over the world. At present he is in  Munich, Germany. He is there to cover the unveiling of a device created by Dr. Lindsay Godwin that is going to help solve the energy crisis. Or so everyone believes.

On the morning of the revealing, Jacob is in his hotel room still. He is woken up by a huge blast. Looking out the window he sees nothing but wouldn’t see anything anyways because of how high up in the hotel he is. He tries calling down to the lobby with no answer. There is no news on the tv, only static. He decides to go investigating. Leaving his room, he goes down to the lobby and is creeped out. There are people lying dead all over the place. And it’s much the same when he goes outside.

There’s no one moving or breathing.  If he weren’t seeing things with his own eyes, he would believe they were all just napping peacefully and were going to pop up at any second. He starts shouting and is surprised. There is no echo and no other sounds around. He finally sees a body, and I say body because it wasn’t a living human but the body was moving. The body is covered in bite marks. He dubs this body as Flaky. Flaky ends up taking a chunk out of his cheek.

Jacob runs and locks himself in a convenience stores bathroom after having grabbed some first aid supplies. There hasn’t been enough time that the chunk and surrounding skin should be dead, but they are. He puts a ton of antiseptic ointment in the crater, packs it full of gauze and covers it. He leaves the convenience store and starts following some feet patterns in the falling ash.

This is all in the first chapter or two! There is no way I could describe even HALF of the stuff going on in this book without making this post a book itself. I HIGHLY suggest getting this book and reading it.


As we should all know by now, I LOVE zombie books. I’ve read this one before but with having the other books in the series now, I wanted to reread it. I had forgotten some of the things that happen in the book until I read it again! It wasn’t a disappointment the first time I read it and nor the second time.


Amazon Price: $2.99

I Paid: FREE

328 pages

Link to buy on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004LGTRX0/

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