The Forsaken (The Children of Cain #1) by R.J. Craddock

the forsaken


This book had me intrigued just by the front cover. That is how I come across almost ALL of my books. Usually, if the title draws me in, I can read the book and will at least like it. I LOVED this book.


When the book starts, a young girl of fiveish is alone and walking through the snow. She is barefoot and doesn’t feel the pain from her feet anymore. A man starts chasing her and she runs into a road. A car stops and the man and wife take her to the hospital. The thing is, the girl doesn’t speak English and no one knows what language she is speaking. Her feet are frostbitten and it looks like she is going to lose them. But she sings a song her mother used to sing to her and they heal.

The doctors, nurses and other patients hail her a miracle. Except Doctor Renee Thompson. She thinks hte girl is magical or there is some other reason for her tremendous recovery. After she is better, she is taken to the local orphanage at St Pauls church. No one understands her when she says that here name is Gwenevere but goes by Gwen so they name her Marianne January. No one knows when her birthday is so they gave her the birthday in the same month that she came to them, in January.

Marianne is different from all the other children. They don’t want to get to know her or want to be around her. There is one boy who stays away from the others. When he and Marianne/Gwen talk, they realize they are speaking the same language and can communicate without any issues. This forms a special bond between them. Eventually, Gwen gives him the name of Raven, which he likes so much better than Adam.

One night, after Gwen causes a serious uproar in the church (exposing one of the nuns of molesting other children in the orphanage), she and Raven leave. They get out of there and start to hitchhike after they make it to the highway. This is when the first strange occurrence happens. Raven gets mad at hte man that picked him up because he was going to take them back to the orphanage. But, that never comes to light. Raven shifts into a wolf! Gwen is able to talk him back into his human form and things are okay for a while after that.

Gwen learns that she has some special powers, that she had known about for a while but she learns to use them better. They live for a while in peace before things get seriously bad. I’m not going to tell what happens because I think it’s a MAJOR part of the book.


This book was a great read. I started reading it last night and just finished it a little bit ago. If the cover doesn’t draw you in, the story will. I firmly believe that. If you read this book, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

The book can be bought for $15.89 on Amazon in paperback or for $0.99 on Amazon on Kindle.

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