Toy Review: Shopkins




These little guys and gals are called Shopkins. My daughter absolutely loves them. She came across them one day while she was watching HobbyKidsTV on YouTube.

I went in search of finding some and I found them at one of our local Walmarts. They come in a cute little shopping basket that is pink with purple handles. There are 2 items in each little basket. They are available for $2.88 at Walmart.

I went in search of these on Amazon as well. I found them there but it is a LOT cheaper to purchase them on Walmart’s website. The cheapest I found on Amazon for one basket was $8.


They come with a list of available figures in each basket. There are 142 characters total for this particular series. Items range from food to shoes to kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies and baby.

The twelve pictured above (in order) are: Carrie Carrot Cake, Prommy, Carrie Carrot Cake, Bree Freshener, Fifi Fruit Tart, Fasta Pasta, Yummy Gum, Silly Chilli, Cheery Churro, Poppy Corn, Ice-Cream Dream and Corny Cob.


These items are small, no bigger than a quarter, so not suitable for anyone under the age of 3 at least. My daughter played with them from the time we opened them til the time she went to bed and then was right back to playing with them after she got up. A great entertainment source, especially if you buy multiple packs. I will be buying her more in the future hoping to complete the collection one of these days.

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