Red Nights by Shari J Ryan

red nights

First off, I want to say thank you to Shari herself and to Becky from Booktrope for providing me with an ARC copy of the book.


This book was AMAZING. I was glued to the pages from beginning to end. This book will keep you glued from page to page.

The story starts out on a sad note. Felicity’s house is on fire. She can’t see anything and has no sense of direction in how to get out of the house. A fireman ends up saving her while more go into the house and pull out another body – her brother. Her brother ends up dying because of burns and smoke inhalation from the fire. The fire investigators and the police are saying it’s arson. And Felicity is the main suspect in it.

One night, Felicity ends up abandoning her friends apartment and goes to the park. While there, a dog runs up to her and then the dogs owner walks up. They talk a little bit. Several nights in a row, Felicity ends up at the park and runs into the man, Hayes Peyton. One day Felicity and Hayes end up meeting at a Jamaican coffee shop and end up setting up a date for that night.

Things start getting serious between them while Felicity’s life is falling apart because of losing her brother, having to fire her best friend and because of being the main suspect in the arson case. When she unloads on Hayes, he wants to help her prove her innocence. But will the things they find make her look innocent or guilty? Why is she being accused of arson? If she’s innocent, who did it and why? What secret does her best friend Aspen have and eventually reveals to her?


Like I said above, this book is AMAZING. I have been a fan of Shari’s since I read her first book and I have continued to read her books as well. This book doesn’t disappoint. It has danger, mystery and romance in it. All things that make a great read. You will be glued to the pages from cover to cover and won’t want to quit reading for anything.  Everything that happens in this book is something I could honestly see happening in real life to someone.


229 pages

$3.99 on Amazon

Product Review: Nervex Neuropathy Pain Relief Cream

NervexI received this product free in exchange for an honest review.


This Nervex cream is amazing. I’ve used it a few times and each time it helps relieve the pain in my knee. I tore all the tendons and ligments in my knee when I was younger and I’ve had problems with it ever since. Tylenol, ibuprofen and most pain relievers don’t work on my knee. I have a high tolerance level for pain so when I decide to use something, the pain is severe.

The cream is a pink color and goes on smooth. There was no residue left behind on my hand or my knee after I rubbed the cream in. Two pumps of this, which is the recommended “dosage”, works wonders for a few hours on my knee. Usually, if I use it once a day, I don’t have to use it again the rest of that day and tylenol helps with the rest of the pain.

Each bottle is 1.7 fl oz or 50 ml. This is enough for 30 doses which is two pumps. This bottle sells for $19.99 both on the Vita Sciences website and on Amazon as well. The retail price varies between the two websites but I don’t pay any attention to the retail cost. I just pay attention to what I’m actually going to be paying for the item.

If you have any kind of pain due to nerves, I would recommend this product!

$19.95 on Vita Sciences

$19.95 on Amazon

Product Review: Garcinia Cambogia 80% HCA Extract


I received this product free in exchange for an honest review!


health ambition garcinia

Let’s get a little background on garcinia cambogia before I let you know how I liked this product and what concerns me.

1. Garcinia Cambogia is known as a few other things as well: HCA, Brindle Berry and Malabar Tamarind to name a few.

2. Garcinia is actually a fruit and the rind of said fruit is used to help make medicines.

3. There are many products out there claiming to be pure garcinia when in fact there is NO garcinia in it at all.

4. This should NOT be taken for more than 12 weeks at a time. Garcinia CAN cause damage to the liver and other areas.

5. Please talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I’ve read a lot on garcinia and there isn’t enough information out there on if it is safe enough to take.

6. Garcinia cambogia can help you lose weight and suppress your appetite.



Like I stated above, I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. I consulted with my doctor before taking this version of garcinia like I did with the previous one. Again, she warned of taking it only for a short period of time if I did take it and she also warned not to take medicines not approved by the FDA. While this product isn’t approved by the FDA, I did go ahead and take it for a week or so. I’m not sure if it was something in the pill or what I was eating but I had to quit taking it. I was feeling really off and not quite myself. I did notice that once I quit taking it, I felt better almost immediately. That’s not to say that this is a bad product but that it didn’t agree with me.

I did notice that while I was taking it, I didn’t feel as hungry as before. I found myself eating less at each meal and even skipping snacks throughout the day because I just wasn’t hungry. While I personally haven’t seen any weight lost, that doesn’t mean that others haven’t. Again, this is just based on me and my outcomes and opinions.

This bottle comes with 180 capsules which is a 45 day supply if you take it the way the bottle suggests, 2 capsules twice daily. I was taking it two pills once a day instead of twice a day.


$19.95 on Amazon

WebMD information on Garcinia


At His Service (A Playboys of Boston Novel) by Suzanne Rock

At His Service

I received this book in a prize pack I won from Night Owl Reviews. 🙂


Karin Norell is an intern at the Palazzo hotel in Boston, owned by the Perconti family. She used to work at a hotel owned by Stone Enterprises and was dating the man who owned them. But she found out he was cheating on her and she left after quitting her internship there. After talking to her professor, they got her the job at the Palazzo. Once she graduates, she wishes to manage hotels and run them.

Karen’s day starts out bad. Several people from housekeeping have called in so she is forced to grab a cart and head up the penthouse that belongs to the Perconti’s. Leo Perconti, the one in charge of all of the Perconti family holdings, is going to be arriving to go over the books with his brother who runs the hotel. The numbers just aren’t adding up and Leo wants to get to the bottom of it.

After being caught in the Perconti penthouse when she should have long been gone and after witnessing a conversation between Leo and another brother, she ends up in more trouble than she bargained for. His brother had promised to send him a woman that would show him a good time. Leo mistakes Karin for that girl. After the real girl shows up, Karin escapes into an elevator wrapped in nothing more than a bed sheet. Luckily for her, Leo didn’t know that she worked for him so her job was safe, for the moment.

Things go from bad to worse. Leo likes Karin, which he isn’t sure he likes or not. After a scandalous photo of them having sex on the penthouse balcony appears in a paper, everyone is wanting to know who the maid is that is sleeping with the boss. Only the housekeeping manager knows as he is one of Karin’s best friends and she tells him everything.

Eventually, the staff want to go on strike and they do it right before Arianna Perconti’s wedding which is supposed to happen in the hotel. Karin is brought into the crossfire because she now had a new position as Leo’s personal assistant and was living in the penthouse with him and rarely was seen out of it. They wanted ALL contact between the two to stop and for Karin to assume her old position. So that’s what happened. Karin learned by watching the press conference that Leo would have nothing else to do with her.

But what do Karin and Leo really want? What do the rest of the Perconti siblings want and how can they help Leo when he tells them some things he’s been hiding from everyone for a long time?


This was a great book. I was captivated from start to finish and read it in a few days. (I would have read it in one but I was helping watch my best friends youngest and oldest kids as the middle one was in the hospital for a week.) I honestly loved reading this book and will be checking into more books from Suzanne Rock as soon as possible. Her writing style is one that I like and is easy to get lost in the words and imagine you’re seeing it while reading it. Highly recommend this book to readers of romance and/or erotica.


389 pages

$7.99 Kindle

$7.99 Mass Market Paperback


Thrill Me (Do Not Disturb #2) by Isabel Sharpe

Thrill Me - Isabel Sharpe


May has just been dumped by her boyfriend, Dan. While working, she is enticed by a client of one of her bosses. He wants to meet her at HUSH hotel and have a week of fun filled bedroom activities. He pays for May to get to New York and he pays all the expenses at the hotel. May boards the airplane and goes to New York. While on the train afterwards, she notices that Trevor isn’t in their agreed upon compartment and she thinks it’s for the best that they not meet until the hotel anyways. She arrives and checks in followed by going up to the room.

She checks the voicemail and realizes that Trevor has an unspecified unavoidable appointment that he couldn’t get away from but he would appreciate her staying the week anyways. She calls her friend Ginny who convinces her to stay the week and enjoy herself. Going to the bar that night, she meets Beck Desmond, an author. He asks her a personal question, for research for his book, and she says she’ll think about it. Later, she decides she’s going to go ahead and do it.

Things heat up between Beck and May during the week. She was acting like someone she wasn’t during part of it but she opens up to him and he doesn’t back down from her. In a four or five day time period, they both fall in love with each other. But will it survive Dan showing up at the hotel and jealous ex’s of Beck’s?


This was a good book. My grandma gave me the paperback book to read because she’s read it before. She likes passing on her books to others to read when she’s finished. I’m glad I took this one and read it. And oh my. A few of those parts were hot and steamy. LOVED this book. (I wish something like this would happen to me. LOL)


244 pages

$3.99 Kindle

Starting at $2.08 Paperback

Starting at $0.01 Mass Market Paperback (This is the version that I have.)

I paid: Gift from grandma

Product Review: Garcinia Cambogia Extract



I received this product free in exchange for an honest review.


I’ve been interested in trying Garcinia Cambogia for a while now. Not only is it supposed to help you lose weight but it also helps with energy levels and moods without all the side effects of most other brands of products offering Garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that is native to Indonesia. The fruit contains an appetite suppressant called HCA. This formula contains 85% of the HCA in the pills. There are no fillers like some brands use. That means there are none of the allergens that a lot of people are allergic too nowadays including wheat, soy, peanuts and eggs.


These pills aren’t small. They are rather large so if you have trouble taking a small pill, you don’t want to go with this product. While I haven’t noticed any weight loss with this pill, I have noticed higher energy levels and a difference in my moods. Before I used to just not want to do anything because I was always so tired. After taking these for a few days, I noticed that my mood was better and I was wanting to go and do things that I didn’t have the energy to do before.

I must warn that when purchasing any vitamin off the internet, make sure to do your research. My doctor advised me NOT to take anything that wasn’t FDA approved as it can mess with your body in more ways that you can imagine and none of it would be good for you. This product is made to FDA standards but I’m not sure if it was actually approved by them or not. I haven’t had any adverse reactions but always be careful.


Website: LifeFoodPro

Product Link: Garcinia Cambogia

Price: $22.47 for 120 caps

The Copy: A Suspense Legal Thriller Novella by Grant Boshoff

the copy

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Geoffrey Bartell the Third is on trial for first-degree murder. The problem is that the prosecution has no idea as to who the victim is. There are no matches to his fingerprints or DNA in the database and they’re pretty sure that even without it, they will win the case. But they aren’t 100% certain on that.

Geoffrey and his lawyer have a very peculiar plan in order to defend Geoffrey. Not one witness is questioned at the time the prosecution questions them. They eventually call the same forensics expert that the prosecution worked and through his words, the match to the DNA and fingerprints of the dead man were the same as Geoffrey Bartell the Third’s. This causes an uproar in the courts.

The two lawyers and judge go behind closed doors and the judge lets the two lawyers have at each other for a few minutes before he decides the testimony still stands. The next witness on the stand is the accused himself, Geoffrey. And what he says, causes an even bigger uproar than the forensic expert.


I really enjoyed reading this book. It flowed nicely and there were no questions that weren’t unanswered. This book is definitely a legal thriller laced with suspense. I read this book in a matter of 2 hours and was glued to the screen the entire time I was reading. I would highly recommend this book for those that like legal thrillers or just thrillers in general.


151 pages

$2.99 on Kindle


Trailer Park Princess (Switching Tracks #1) by Delia Steele


Aurora Wilde is in highschool. Her family (her, her brother and mother) have moved around a lot over the years. And always moving to trailer parks where they have a weekly rate. Carol, her mother, is a drunk and doesn’t really care about anything other than drinking and sex. Aurora, or Rory as she likes to be called, has had to fend off a few men who came after her after her mother passed out on them. She got smart and started putting Benadryl in their beer and they would pass out around the same time her mother did.

Her younger brother is rarely home, always at his best friends house. Which is fine with Aurora since she wants Thaxton no where near Carol and her bad habits.

Aurora is the new girl in school. She has one friend, Amandolette but she goes by Mando. Mando is a hilarious character and can make anyone like her from the first time we meet her in the book. Aurora is bowled over by a football player and he helps her pick her stuff up. His name is Tobias West but goes by Toby. Mando thinks it’s a big deal that he talked to Rory cause he never talks to anyone unless they are in his group.

Toby and Rory end up dating, even though his friends don’t like her. Ashley and her group of “plastics” don’t like Rory and towards the end of the book, we learn why and exactly what had happened to make Ashley the way she is. Let’s just say that Toby’s parents are dicks and leave it at that. (There is no nicer way to say it.)

One night, after Aurora lets her guard down because she’s comfortable at the trailer, she is assaulted by the man her mother brought home. A neighbor heard her scream and luckily, their front door was unlocked. Rome, the neighbor, drags the man off of her and takes her to his house where she’s safe. The next morning he walks her back to her trailer and checks to make sure the man is gone. After that, they become best friends, always hanging out with each other. Thaxton, who is older than Rome’s younger brothers, likes the boys and doesn’t mind being around them and playing with them.

Toby gets jealous even though he has no right to be. On prom night, Mando and Rome go together and Toby goes with Rory. When Rory and Toby leave the prom, they end up at their billboard. Rory doesn’t want to go all the way with Toby but he mistakes her moans as ques to goes ahead so he essentially ends up raping her. She doesn’t let Rome or Mando know because they would both kill him.

It isn’t until a few months later that Mando, Rome and Rory learn that she’s pregnant with Toby’s child. But Toby is leaving and broke up with Rory on the night she missed his and Mando’s graduation. He thought that she was just blowing him off to be with Rome when in reality they were both taking care of her drunk, underage brother who followed the bad example of his mother.


There is so much going on in this book. Above doesn’t even cover half of the book there is that much going on! I love all the characters, except Toby who I tolerated. The characters are people that could pass as everyday people like you and I. I can’t wait to get the next book in this series.


242 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

$0.00 on Promo when I purchased it

The Offspring (Children of Cain #2) by R.J. Craddock


I received the first book in the series free from the author. I liked it so much that I had to go buy this book.


We know from the previous book that Gwen killed Dennis Keller and then took off on her own with no real hope of finding Raven. A search party is started and they almost catch her but she evades them. As she continues on through the mountain, she ends up passing out because of lack of food and warmth. A vampire comes across her and after biting her, realizes that she’s a Wiccan or a witch. He takes her back to his Lord in the mountain fortress.

The vampire Lord, Legion, is pleased with the new arrival. She is strong willed and young, only even when she first arrives but turning twelve in a few days time. The lord likes his girls young and without any womanly curves on them. At dinner one night, he tricks her into marrying him and she doesn’t even realize it until it’s too late. The ring can’t be taken off and she can’t use her magic to harm him. Through the rings he can control her and she hates it. She fights as much as she can.

A new vampire arrives on the scene and falls for Gwen. He does not want her injured or manipulated in anyway. They share of love of music and Angelo is instructed to teach Gwen how to play different instruments.  They spend an hour together each day and soon realize they love each other. They open their minds to each other and they see everything in the others mind. Angelo promises that he will be there to protect her.

Eventually Gwen is able to escape the fortress with a fairy’s help. Later that night, Angelo arrives to where she was and they start a life together. It isn’t long before she starts having her dreams and premonitions again and knows that something awful is going to happen to Raven, herself and Angelo. But she pushes it from her mind and doesn’t realize it’s come to fruition until later that day when things go horribly wrong.


The first book was good. This one is even better than the previous one. There is a lot of action, adventure, magic and other magical creatures. We learn about the Children of Cain and the “true” bible for them. It’s a great book to read if you love the paranormal, supernatural and a hint of romance mixed in.


365 pages

$0.99 on Amazon

I paid $0.99

Call of Revenge (Sold to the Alpha #5) by Cara Wylde

call of revenge


I love this series. I’ve already reviewed the previous books in this series and they can be found on my blog. 🙂

Sabine is still on the run. Christine thinks she can get through to her and make it to where Sabine will calm down and forget her revenge on Max and Avelyn. Avelyn finally breaks down and lets Christine know that Sabine hates her even more than she does Max and Avelyn. Christine thinks that Sabine is just misguided in her intentions and won’t listen to Avelyn tell her otherwise.

One of the betas and some of the others in the schloss realize Sabine is building a rogue clan. Max decides that the schloss is too big for all the wolves to be able to protect Avelyn and the baby and that Sabine knows the castle too well. So he takes her back to Alma Venus, the one place that she never thought she’d be taken back too. She is glad to be back with her friends, minus one person.

Max leaves his two deltas, Caleb and Daniel, there to help protect Avelyn, the baby and the school. Sabine shows up the second night and things escalate quickly. A dragon named Viggo ends up showing up to help out with protecting Avelyn and the baby. He knows that since there is a cure for werewolf venom then they could create a cure for dragon venom. Dragons live far longer than others shifters. His alpha has been in a deep sleep for over 700 years and doesn’t plan on waking up from it. There are only three dragons awake.

Things get stirred up when Viggo ends up setting part of the school on fire. The madam of the school locks them all in the office and manages to convince the fire team not to investigate it. They all make a plan to have all the clans of the werewolves outside the school grounds with Viggo inside with Avelyn to protect her should one of the rogue wolves or foxes get into the school grounds.


This was a great continuation in the Sold to the Alpha series by Cara Wylde. Each book sheds light on who the people are more and more. I don’t like one of the deaths in the battle but we know there had to be some sacrifices. The others I could live with. (Had she killed two of my favorites, I would have cried.)

This is an awesome author who knows how to write and keep her audience intrigued and flipping pages. Can’t wait for the sixth and final part to come out! Highly recommend this author and her other series as well.


78 pages

$2.99 on Kindle


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