Call of Revenge (Sold to the Alpha #5) by Cara Wylde

call of revenge


I love this series. I’ve already reviewed the previous books in this series and they can be found on my blog. 🙂

Sabine is still on the run. Christine thinks she can get through to her and make it to where Sabine will calm down and forget her revenge on Max and Avelyn. Avelyn finally breaks down and lets Christine know that Sabine hates her even more than she does Max and Avelyn. Christine thinks that Sabine is just misguided in her intentions and won’t listen to Avelyn tell her otherwise.

One of the betas and some of the others in the schloss realize Sabine is building a rogue clan. Max decides that the schloss is too big for all the wolves to be able to protect Avelyn and the baby and that Sabine knows the castle too well. So he takes her back to Alma Venus, the one place that she never thought she’d be taken back too. She is glad to be back with her friends, minus one person.

Max leaves his two deltas, Caleb and Daniel, there to help protect Avelyn, the baby and the school. Sabine shows up the second night and things escalate quickly. A dragon named Viggo ends up showing up to help out with protecting Avelyn and the baby. He knows that since there is a cure for werewolf venom then they could create a cure for dragon venom. Dragons live far longer than others shifters. His alpha has been in a deep sleep for over 700 years and doesn’t plan on waking up from it. There are only three dragons awake.

Things get stirred up when Viggo ends up setting part of the school on fire. The madam of the school locks them all in the office and manages to convince the fire team not to investigate it. They all make a plan to have all the clans of the werewolves outside the school grounds with Viggo inside with Avelyn to protect her should one of the rogue wolves or foxes get into the school grounds.


This was a great continuation in the Sold to the Alpha series by Cara Wylde. Each book sheds light on who the people are more and more. I don’t like one of the deaths in the battle but we know there had to be some sacrifices. The others I could live with. (Had she killed two of my favorites, I would have cried.)

This is an awesome author who knows how to write and keep her audience intrigued and flipping pages. Can’t wait for the sixth and final part to come out! Highly recommend this author and her other series as well.


78 pages

$2.99 on Kindle


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