Product Review: Garcinia Cambogia 80% HCA Extract


I received this product free in exchange for an honest review!


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Let’s get a little background on garcinia cambogia before I let you know how I liked this product and what concerns me.

1. Garcinia Cambogia is known as a few other things as well: HCA, Brindle Berry and Malabar Tamarind to name a few.

2. Garcinia is actually a fruit and the rind of said fruit is used to help make medicines.

3. There are many products out there claiming to be pure garcinia when in fact there is NO garcinia in it at all.

4. This should NOT be taken for more than 12 weeks at a time. Garcinia CAN cause damage to the liver and other areas.

5. Please talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I’ve read a lot on garcinia and there isn’t enough information out there on if it is safe enough to take.

6. Garcinia cambogia can help you lose weight and suppress your appetite.



Like I stated above, I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. I consulted with my doctor before taking this version of garcinia like I did with the previous one. Again, she warned of taking it only for a short period of time if I did take it and she also warned not to take medicines not approved by the FDA. While this product isn’t approved by the FDA, I did go ahead and take it for a week or so. I’m not sure if it was something in the pill or what I was eating but I had to quit taking it. I was feeling really off and not quite myself. I did notice that once I quit taking it, I felt better almost immediately. That’s not to say that this is a bad product but that it didn’t agree with me.

I did notice that while I was taking it, I didn’t feel as hungry as before. I found myself eating less at each meal and even skipping snacks throughout the day because I just wasn’t hungry. While I personally haven’t seen any weight lost, that doesn’t mean that others haven’t. Again, this is just based on me and my outcomes and opinions.

This bottle comes with 180 capsules which is a 45 day supply if you take it the way the bottle suggests, 2 capsules twice daily. I was taking it two pills once a day instead of twice a day.


$19.95 on Amazon

WebMD information on Garcinia


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