Torn (Dare You #2) by Ashlyn Mathews


I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Lucy thinks of herself as torn and broken. Not worthy enough for anyone to love completely. She’s had a run of bad luck in the past concerning relationships. Now, she is in a relationship with Bryce Morgan and has been with him for four months. Things are ok. She doesn’t let him spend the night with her at her place and she doesn’t spend the night with him at his, even though they are next door neighbors. She also sleeps with the lights on and has multiple nightmares each day.

Lucy is flying home to Palm Springs. Levi, her stepfather, lets her know that his assistant will pick her up from the airport. Turns out, the assistant is really her bodyguard for the duration of this new threat. And she’s not happy about it. She doesn’t need or want anyone to protect her. One of her ex’s Eric is in prison for assaulting her. He’ll be out in two months time and she’s not looking forward to it and neither are anyone else in the family.

Bryce ends up flying out to Palm Springs after Lucy. When he realizes she isn’t staying at a hotel but at one of Levi’s properties, he knows that something is wrong. Lucy has already been questioned by police about some things and hasn’t told Bryce of anything really concerning her past, other than the ordeal with Eric. She opens up to him and Tristan, the bodyguard, about everything. They think of people it could be on who is trying to break them up. They realize the reporter who likes Bryce is the one who had started everything in motion with the note but who gave her the information? And who beat the daylights out of Eric’s father?

Turns out, it wasn’t someone I was expecting it to be. I was seriously shocked when I realized who the assaulter was and that the person wanted Lucy dead for something she really hadn’t had a part in, in my opinion.


There is so much going on in this book. Lucy loves Bryce but yet she flirts with Tristan as well. Bryce brings forth the truth on why Tristan likes Lucy and it was an ah-ha moment for me when I read it. It seriously clicked and then some other things clicked into place. The only thing that surprised me was the attacker.

This is a good book. It might be the second part in a series but it can be read as a standalone. I am looking forward to getting the first book in the series and reading it. I would recommend this book to fans of romance with a little bit of mystery thrown in.


163 pages

$2.99 on Amazon


Perfect on Paper (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson #1) by Maria Murnane

perfect on paper


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Waverly Bryson is supposed to be getting married in two weeks. Her best friends, Mackie and Andie (McKenna and Andrea) are both by her side while trying on her dress. Her fiancee shows up and breaks up with her saying they rushed into it. So she spins into a sort of depression before her friends start to drag her out of it. Her fiancee’s pet name for her has been Honey and she starts writing down these different sentiments that could be on cards.

Waverly works for a marketing company that is sports oriented. She is the main manager over their biggest account. Her and her associate, Kent, are leaving to go to a PR function in Atlanta. There’s a new girl in their division and something just rubs her the wrong way about the new girl. Turns out it was a misjudgment on her part but we don’t learn that until towards the end of the book. (But in Waverly’s defense, the chick does seem to show up at unopportune times and appear to be making trouble but she really isn’t.)

At the event, Waverly meets a cute guy name Jake McIntyre who works with one of the companies represented at the show. But, embarrassing to her as it is, she runs away from him, hoping to not see him again. Instead, she runs into him a few days later at the big celebration party when the super show is over with. And to top it off, he mentions the embarrassing accident that happens. She is already three sheets to the wind after drinking several rookies and ends up hightailing it away from him in order to lose her dinner and the drinks.

She thinks she won’t see him again but he keeps popping up. Waverly ends up deciding to submit her Honey Notes to different card distributors. All of them write back saying they aren’t what they were looking for but she does end up getting a call from one place. Andie had submitted them through her cousin and the place loved them. They call her in for an initial interview to get to know each other and by the end of it, they are working on distribution, creation, press releases, tours, blogs and so much more.

Waverly finally has it all right? Wrong. She doesn’t have the man but she’s working on that. She attends People’s charity auction that they are doing and she is one of the top 50 hottest people on their list to be auctioned off. The auction goes great and she sells for $5,000, half of what the top seller went for. When it comes time for the dates after the auction, her date was called away on an emergency. So they scheduled the date for the next night via the PR lady from People magazine.

She is SHOCKED to see who it turns out to be.


I absolutely loved reading this book. I was laughing through parts of this and if you read the book, I’m sure you can figure out where. This book is definitely a keeper and I will be rereading it in the future. The other books in the series are going on my wishlist on Amazon to be purchased when I have a chance, hopefully in the NEAR future. (Have I mentioned I have almost 300 books on my wishlists?!)

The characters are hilarious and some of the situations they find themselves in make you wonder about people (even if they are fictional). This book by Maria Murnane was great and I recommend you stop what you’re doing and go get this book. Waverly Bryson and crew will NOT disappoint you!

There is so much going on in this book that what I wrote above doesn’t even cover HALF of it. And no, it’s not a fast paced, one event leads to another, no time to rest kind of book. The events and everything in between flow nicely together and is well thought out and put together.


353 page

$3.99 on Amazon


Sky1 – Foundation (Sky #1) by William Amerman



I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Nick should technically be dead. He was on level 55 during the Muldoin episode. But he made it out alive. Now, he is looking for a story. He is a journalist. He was writing an article on how they were actually in a walled off section of a place called Earth and that there was more outside of their area for them. There are many levels to their “world”, each one a little worse than the last. The farther down you are, the more aggression there is. So you really want a higher level number.

Nick is married to Jane and they have a son, Simon. Nick decides he wants a better life for himself and Simon, Jane only because she’s his sons mother. They are married but bicker all the time. Nick has cheated on Jane just as Jane has cheated on Nick. Nick gets involved in a questionable operation that goes horribly wrong. One of the men sacrifices himself and blows up the building they are in and takes out a bunch of SP – special police.

Nick escapes by some sort of chemical tunnel. He meets up with Storme, another man in on the operation and his best friend. They eventually make it back home but not before a TON of stuff happens to them and they end up separated, again. Once Nick makes it to his house and he goes to leave, Carmen, Storme, Jane and Simon are ready to go. The area they live in has been quarantined and there is no one going in or out of it. But Storme and Nick made it back in the quarantined area. Not easily but they made it.

Now, they need a new plan on getting out. Nick comes up with one. They eventually run into a couple of the other men who had been involved in the operation and Nick almost knocks them both out, simply out of rage. They make it to the immigration office and then things to even more wrong.


There is a ton of stuff going on in this book. I liked reading it. This book is classified as dystopian/post-apocalyptic but I see it more as a thriller than either of those. Maybe later in the series is where the dystopian/post-apocalyptic part comes in. I would like to read the rest of the series and will hopefully be getting it in the future to finish. Overall a good read. It does jump back and forth for a while on who they are following but it’s easy to figure out who it is.


266 pages

$2.99 on Amazon

Wait for the Rain by Maria Murnane


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


I wasn’t so sure I was going to like this book at first. It started off slow to me and that usually irks me. But I pushed through the slow parts and things picked up quickly. The more I read this book, the more I liked it.

Three friends who are in their forties (well, one will turn forty while with friends) go on a vacation together. They haven’t seen each other since the reunion when they turned thirty. Daphne, our main character, tries to hide how she feels. Her teenage daughter is with her father and her father’s new fiancee. It’s been two years since they separated and the divorce is newly finished. Luckily, Brian hadn’t left Daphne for Alyssa.

Daphne, KC and Skylar meet up at the airport on the Caribbean island of St. Mirika. Skylar immediately knows that Daphne is off but doesn’t push her for any information. They make it to the house they are staying at, compliments of Skylar’s boss. Skylar ends up on a call for work, like she does everyday even though it’s supposed to be a vacation. KC being the health enthusiast/sports oriented nut she is, goes for a run on the beach. Daphne decides to go for a walk along the beach and goes the same direction that KC went. While walking, she comes across a stone and throws it into the water. What she doesn’t know, is that stone seems to turn her life around.

A man from the house behind her calls out to her. They talk for a few minutes where she learns that he isn’t even thirty yet. This off sets her and she walks away once she sees KC. KC is talking to an older couple and Daphne joins the conversation. (This old couple was a favorite in this book.) KC and Daphne instantly like them and learn that they had been married for FORTY years. Daphne regains hope that there is someone out there for her and that she can have the happy marriage like the old couple.

The next day, Daphne along with Skylar and KC end up running into Clay (the twenty-something year old) and the men he’s with for the bachelor party. They are playing a game of football. KC and Daphne end up joining the game while Skylar watches.

Their week on the island goes by quickly but not without some excitement. Daphne ends up hooking up with someone on the island as does Skylar. KC ends up stung by a jellyfish and taken to the hospital because it turned out she was allergic. A LOT more than this happens though but you’ll have to get the book and read it as I’m not telling anything else. 😀


This book was awesome. Daphne, Skylar and KC are all characters you can stand behind and like. They are like normal everyday people and that is what I like the most about this book. (Also their antics.) Daphne finally opens up and starts becoming her old self again, even confirmed by Skylar and KC that she’s beginning to come back. I enjoyed reading this book after the first chapter being slow. Sometimes you gotta trudge through the slow to get to the good. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to fans of romance


270 pages

Amazon Price: $1.99

Price I Paid: Gift

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