Lie Zombie Lie (I Zombie #4) by Jack Wallen

lie zombie lie

This is the fourth installment to the I Zombie series by author Jack Wallen. I have previously reviewed the first three books in the series on my blog.


Bethany and Jacob are still alive. They are still in the house they were in when ambushed by the hoard of zombies at the end of the last book. Bethany knows they can’t stay there so they begin a journey to find somewhere safe and some other survivors. The ZDC is still quite active and is working on more plans than ever before.

Bethany finds a car with gas in it and she takes it. While leaving the city, she saves a girl from a screamer. The girl, Echo, joins Bethany and they become a team of sorts. They soon team up with a guy that they rescue. Echo and Gabe, the man they rescued, end up being close to each other even in the apocalypse.

They journey across America to Washington where Bethany’s hacker friend, Jamal, is there with some people who are ready to help her take down the ZDC. But it soon becomes clear that someone close to Bethany can’t be trusted. Baby Jacob is kidnapped and taken to the ZDC where a scientist contacts Bethany and says that Jacob will only remain alive if she doesn’t go after them. But we all know our Bethany, don’t we? Or do we? What does Bethany do? Who exactly is Jamal? Who stole Baby Jacob? Who lives and who dies in this thrilling and exciting fourth installment of the I Zombie series?


I’ve really liked the I Zombie series so far. And this book is no different. The books get more and more interesting as you read. There is more bloodshed and evolving zombies. The newest breed of zombie in this book scare me. If that was to ever happen, everyone better run like hell!!! A great addition to the zombie world and a great read to anyone’s collection. This is NOT a standalone and needs to be read after the previous three books otherwise it won’t make a whole lot of sense.


466 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

$2.99 I paid

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